Lost Temple of Adventure

Amethyst, Level 5, Warlock, 18 AC, HP 45
Quintus, Level 8, Bard, 17 AC, HP 56
Tonia, Level 12 Cleric (6 Cleric, 6 Radiant Servant) AC 21, HP 108
Villan, Level 9, Swordsage/Shadowlord, 25AC, 97HP

Murdered Ones x2 – CR 6
Gargantuan Centipede x1 - 9
Angry Mother Plant x1 - 14

This quest was not about fighting, nor about disarming traps, it was about learning to function in the roles of another.

Amethyst 1,500
Quintus 6,500
Tonia 2,500
Villan 5,500

Hikage was given 1,000 to give to the character of his choice for stepping in and assisting us in completing the quest. (THANK YOU HIKAGE!)

6,000 gp each except Amethyst who will get 4,000, the remaining 2,000 goes to Hikage to distribute as he choses amongst his characters.
Amethyst: Ring of arming Magical Item Compendium pg122
Amethyst: Crystal of arrow deflection, lesser Magical Item Compendium pg25 (bonus item)
Quintus: Horn of resilience Magical Item Compendium pg208
Tonia: Spectral dagger Magical Item Compendium pg59
Villan: Boots of swift passage Magical Item Compendium pg78

The first room they found themselves in caused a shift in their personalities. Quintus and Amethyst found themselves in the other's bodies, as did Tonia and Villan.

No longer could each function independently but had to work as a group, unfamiliar with their forms or skills, learning to stretch themselves in both mind and body to defeat each obstacle.

The final room held information that defines an important part of Therafim's history and it will be up to these four to reveal what they learned with others, to spread the story.

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