Kython Cut Up

Kython Cut-Up

Run by Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Locklear, level 1 half-elf scout
Gem, level 1 changeling beguiler
Kira, level 2 elf scout
Tyr, level 3 changeling rogue
Ginko, level 3 bear battlebeast
Kathryn, level 2 elf wizard

Acid burst trap (CR 2)
2 broodling Kython, 2 juvenile Kython (CR 6)
1 adult Kython (CR 5)

850 xp to all

1,050 gp each
3 doses of royal jelly - each acts as a Cure Serious Wounds potion (used after fight)

Quest Summary:
After getting separated from their caravan in a rainstorm on the Serewind Plains on Cargando, the party went to find them…only to discover that the caravan had been raided by kython, and utterly destroyed. Seeking to fulfill their contract, the party hunted down the kython into their lair, and battled them to a bloody standstill.

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