Killian's Treasure

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Kiran, level 3 duskblade/swordsage
Kaotaka Shasla, level 1 elapi swordsage
Shiari, level 4 pantheri ranger
Dox, level 1 changeling warlock
Arae, level 2 human druid
Belle Hibiki, level 5 human ardent/monk

CR 2 swinging log trap
CR 2 spiked pit trap
4 CR 3 Pirates (CR 7 total, Loomis, Human ranger/rogue; Wickin, hobgoblin warlock; Deadeye Jane, halfling monk; Killian Kiltren, tielfling swashbuckler)

Belle: 670 xp
Shiari: 735 xp
All others: 800 xp for each

950 gp for each, in the form of gems, jewelry, and assorted loot.

Quest Summary:
"Lady Sin was a buccaneer, a buccaneer was she." So begins one of the bloodiest ballads of the pirates of the Great Waters, of Lady Sin and her quest for plunder and revenge on the pirate Blackjack Tom. Killian Kiltren, a pirate said to have sailed with Lady Sin during the other pirate's last days, before she and Blackjack Tom battled their way straight to Hell, recently dared to raid Avalon City's shipping trade, which angered the notorious neutral port, which allowed even pirates to land there. Because of this, Avalon City put out a bounty - dead or alive - on Killian Kiltren. The party went in through the traps on the island, and bested Killian. After the battle, however, they discovered several charts made of the skin of several sentients - green orcish skin, pale elf skin, human skin of all shades! - that listed a series of coordinates to places off in the ocean. Who knows what might be found there?

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