Jurrasic Park

DM - Gideon

Crank, level 2 warforged monk
Amethyst, level 1 elf warlock
Gajendra, level 1 loxophant fighter (dropped out)
Ginko, level 3 ursine war-thing
Yuria, level 2 human psion
Tyr, level 3 changeling psychic rogue

3 velociraptors (CR 3 each, CR 6 total)
1 level 4 NE elf druid (CR 4 total)

810 xp to each except Gajendra
100 xp to Gajendra

960 gp to each except Gajendra
150 gp to Gajendra
One captive velociraptor

Quest Summary:
As the members of the party were passing one of the nicer public parks in the Hightown of Avalon City, they were drawn to the sounds of screaming and running people. When they arrived, they discovered, from one of the older people leaving the park, that a noble family reunion had been disrupted by the sudden attack of velociraptors! The party rushed to the rescue, only to discover that an evil druid was controlling the dinosaurs, directing them to feed on humans, in an (ultimately futile) attempt to strike a blow against civilization.

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