Jormung is less of a government ruled by giants and more of a region where giants of all kinds happen to be the dominant race. To the north of Jormung, closer to Darkland, these giants tend to be of a more foul and wicked disposition, and the more vicious giant subraces, such as trolls and minotaurs, become more common, while to the south, nearer to Brightland, more benevolent giants are found with greater frequency. The Giant's Stair is the home for numerous nomadic bands of giants, who are constantly on the move with their herds of sheep and goats, while the near-constant cloud cover above the Giant's Stair is the home for the more magically-inclined cloud and storm giants, and also several titans.

Major Races: Giants; Dwarves.

Government: Anarchic Monarchy.

Nation Alignment: Neutral.

Major Cities:
Delverduar: The home of the dwarves of the Giant's Stair. In Delverduar, the dwarves have a halfway working relationship with the giants of Jormung, and even pay them some allegience and token tribute. However, the true loyalty of these dwarves lies with the dwarven high king in Thardruin on the continent of Autumn Land, and their ruler is a member of the royal family, albeit one that has also intermarried into the gold dragon line of the Pendragons, creating ties of blood with Brightland. In Delverduar, the dwarves have access to rich veins of gemstones, with a few more difficult-to-mine veins of precious metals. Iron is common on the Darkland side of the Giant's Stair, though it can be treacherous to obtain thanks to the larger numbers of dangerous monsters there. Small dwarven expeditions to find and tap out smaller mines are quite common, with numbers ranging from three to thirteen (seven being the most common number, as it is considered lucky), and so it is not uncommon to find isolated bands of dwarves living in the forests around the Giant's Stair, many with training as rangers.

Stonetop: Acting as an intermediary between the giants of Giants Stair and the rest of the Isle of the Mighty, Stonetop is a city built from solid rock by a band of friendly stone giants. Most of the city is sized for giants, of course, and so mostly giants live there, largely in the form of hill and mountain giants, ogres, and sometimes trolls when they can behave themselves. There are, however, human trading companies from Brightland that sometimes make a decent living dealing with the giants of Stonetop, trading food and other items of finer workmanship than the giants are able to produce in exchange for cloud-mined silver from Thunder Hall and its environs, and for the other raw mineral materials and occasional treasures that the stone giants find among the peaks of the Giant's Stair.

Thunder Hall: High above Therafim, perched in the constant cloud cover over the Giant's Stair, atop magically-enhanced clouds that have gained a measure of solidity and immovability, is the massive cloud giant citadel of Thunder Hall. Here, the cloud giants ostensibly rule Jormung, their royalty commanding the respect of all other giants. In reality, however, while all other giants on Therafim respect the royalty of these cloud giants, few actually obey them. More pay heed to the mercurial titans who live in their own cloud castles nearby, or to the more solitary storm giants and their far vaster power, but by and large, giants live however they please, paying occasional taxes to their ostensible rulers when they remember to do so, and otherwise doing as they wish, whether good or ill. The giants of Thunder Hall compound their lack of authority, though hardly losing any respect with such a traditional and proper giant lifestyle, by herding their hardy sheep and goats on the high ranges of the mountains, and by collecting and shaping the silver that gathers on their solid clouds.

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