A Dark and Stormy Knight

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Quest Title:
A Dark and Stormy Knight

Ran By Lisa J.

Rat Swarm: CR1
Monstrous Spider: CR1
Dart Trap: CR1
Lesser Vargouille: CR1
Bugbear Death Knight: CR4


Kathryn: Level 2 Wizard
Kira: Level 1 Scout
Cherry: Level 1 Barbarian/2 Fighter
Gajendra: Level 1 Fighter
Gem: Level 1 Beguiler
Tyr: Level 3 Psi-Rogue

All Players: 510 XP

Pearl of Power: Recover one 1st level spell, then exhausted. (Value: 250 Gold)
Headband of the Stout Heart: +1 to All Will Saves (Value: 350 Gold)
Belt of Lifting: +1 strength Bonus for the purpose of encumbrance. Does NOT modify strength score. (500 Gold)
Two Pearls Valued at 100GP each
Bag of Gold: 300GP for each player.

The characters take shelter inside a hollowed-out tor during a violent storm. While they are camped in the outer chamber, the storm breaks open one of the inner doors, allowing access to the humanoid tombs within the tor. After defeating the various monsters that have taken up residence there and the hobgoblin raiders who intend to make the tor their new base, the PCs encounter the Dark Knight himself—a hobgoblin zombie interred in the tor’s deepest chamber.

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