Island of Yellow Death

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Alieena Darkcast, level 1 half-elf wizard
Kiran, level 3 human duskblade/swordsage
Kaotaka, level 1 elapi swordsage
Shiari, level 4 pantheri ranger
Kaellack, level 5 human rogue/swordsage
Silya, level 3 human knight
Warius, level 1 gray orc cleric

CR 2 pit trap
CR 2 net trap
CR 2 poison gas trap
5 CR 1 Yellow Musk Creeper Tribal Zombies (CR 5 total)
1 Yellow Musk Creeper (CR 4)

Alieena, Kiran, Kaotaka, Silya, Warius: 710 xp for each
Shiari: 660 xp
Kaellack: 575 xp

1,000 gp for each in gems, jewelry, and works of art

Quest Summary:
The lust for gold is strong with many, and one of the charts leading to the many stashes of the hidden treasures of Lady Sin and Blackjack Tom, deadly pirates and mortal enemies on the high seas before they battled each other all the way to Hell, was too tempting a lure for many to pass up. The party in search of this treasure, knowing that it would be a journey fraught with danger, set out on a cheap rental boat with a fishing captain who knew better than to ask lots of questions. Leaving the party on the island, they set out, only to encounter the remnants of a cannibal tribe of pig-faced orcbloods, each of them decked in the gold of the treasure that had once been buried on their island, that had been dominated by a yellow musk creeper! Facing the musk creeper and its minions in battle, the party eventually dominated the battle, and took the treasure for their own.

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