Into the Abyss (part 1)

DM: Nicole_Valentine

Amethyst, Level 6
Ariel, Level 7
Crank, Level 5
Olivia, Level 8
Tyr, Level 6
Yuria, Level 8

1x Shadow Demons CR 8

Amethyst, 1,200 Exp
Ariel, 1,050 Exp
Crank, 1,500 Exp
Olivia, 800 Exp
Tyr, 1,200 Exp
Yuria, 800 Exp

None sadly


Dear Diary,
I can't believe I failed to hold the portal, the pain I felt was just too much. The girls told me that they all went through and they were attacked by thousands of demons, before they could be injured, thankfully the portal began to close sucking them back out. I have to figure out how to stabalize the spell.
When they came back through, so did some shadow demons.The group bravely battled them while Yuria protected me. They were able to destroy one of them. We had to be rescued, but that is something I dare not put into words, it is far too dangerous. Poor Ariel.. she has suffered something terrible.. she seems to be suffering a mental breakdown of some sort.
I have to get back to work now. I have to make this work.I need my family back.


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