In The Fane of The Flayed One

DM Name: Sorrowdusk

Ariel Duskblade 2
Cordy Cleric 2
Darrion Ranger 2
Gajendra Fighter 4
Orion Rogue 1
Julietta Barbarian 4
Vlad Palidin 1

1x CR 7 Quth-Maren & 6x CR 1/2 Cult Initiates & 4x CR 1/2 Zombie Cultists

1x CR 1 Poison Dart Trap

1x CR 1 Fusillade of Darts

1x CR 1Deeper Pit Trap

1x CR3 Burning Hands Trap

Ariel 1030 xp
Cordy 1030 xp
Darrion 1030 xp
Gajendra 950xp
Orion 1020 xp
Julietta 950xp
Vlad 1030 xp

From Contracter: 1300 GP (Each, assuming shares are divided evenly)

Spoils (Please divide these items among yourselves):

Wink Brooch [MiC p. 148] 600 gp
Eagle Claw Talisman [MiC p. 96] 1000 gp
Reliquary Holy Symbol{CG} [MiC p. 120] 1000
Chronocharm of The Laughing Rogue [MiC p. 86] 500 gp
Sending Stones [MiC p. 184 ] 1400gp

Note- Gajendra, Arielle, and Julia have been afflicted by a Love's Pain (BoVD) spell (see bolded paragraph of the summary) caster lvl 8th {4d6 dmg}. This has been resolved with certainty for Gajendra and Arielle. If the loved one is an NPC, as is likely the case, the damage can be anywhere from the minimum to the maximum, and that NPC's deadness, livingness, or injuredness is up to the PC under the assumption the NPC is one of their creation.

Quest Summary:

The party was contracted by an expedition in the middle of the Raging Jungle who'd run into some trouble with natives. A wizard of a respected transportation service whisked them off to the other side of the world, but when they arrived some of the members became suspect of whether they were where they where they were supposed to be. [see Walker of The Wastes*] While before they were under the golden sun of an afternoon, now ere they under a silver moon. The party found themselves in a seemingly abandoned camp, completely in shambles- albeit the fire was still cooling so it could not have been left for long. Searching the camp, the party made a few discoveries.

Firstly, Darrion discovered there were tracks coming into the camp from the Northwest, unlike the majority of traffic which were bootprints these were without shoes. Entering the campe it appeared they went from tent to tent in a careful ambush, and then finished taking and dragging people -to an area behind particular one tent. There Darrion made the grisly discovery of twelve dead men neatly piled. Their clothes were missing, but later inspection of the fire would reveal fragments of charred cloth indicating their garb had been burned. The men were skinned, and then evicerated, their entrails heaped in a pile nearby. Further inspection of the remains would show their hearts had been cut free and pulled down and out through their abdominal cavity. Shifting the pile around and searching within it Darrion would discover a heavily bloodstained rolled piece of parchement.

Secondly, the rest of the party would discover a shaken dwarf, Rigel Rocksmasher, hiding under a broken crate. The startled and decidedly foul mouthed dwarf told the story of how an expedition lead by Professor Charles Knowby had entered the jungle hoping to study relics, artifacts, and the culture of the people living in the area. The native people they met "seem' li'e alrigh' blokes a' firs': to the dwarf, but he "knew they was really canny-anny-bally-balls. KNEW IT." He didnt trust them -due to some prejudice on his part, Rigel didnt trust any "indigs" or "indigenous people" anywhere. The natives lived in a farming village that was recently afflicted with some sort of sudden blight that had killed off most of their crops, and so they were happy to accept provisions from the explorers and in return share stories of their people which prof. Knowby recorded in his journal. It was later on that someone began setting man-traps in the bush, attacking with hit and run tactics with bows and darts. Most of the camp suspected it was some rogue groupe rather than the villagers, The camp continued to be harried, until they sent word for assistance. Not too long after that they were subject to the recent and devastating incursion while they were sleeping. Rigel in Gajendra's words "wasnt the quickest to run but the fastest to hide" as soon as he realized something was up. By his count there were twenty on the expedition including himself, seeing as twelve men were dead, and he was alive that left seven unaccounted for -the women of the camp.

Meanwhile, at the mention of the journal, Orion searched the ransacked tents and supplies seeing that most of the food had been taken. Given that food had been taken and meat left on the bodies, Gajendra was sure that the attacks had not been performed by cannibals. Orion found the journal of the professor which he gave to Cordy, who also recieved the bloody parchement from Darrion. Examining these she found the rolled parchement was not a conventional scroll-but rather a long rectangular sheet that had been folded many times to form a kind of unbound book or codex. which seemed to detail sacrifice through colored pictograms. The final panel depicted a man with a headdress and unusual blood stained weapons, garbed in a robe of some sort with humanoid hands hanging from his wrists. Cordy interpreted this as signifying he was wearing a man's skin.

The journal indicated that the large ruins in the area were for many generations inhapidated by an outcast Batfolk tribe.This tribe venerated strange and malgin gods, at first an 'Ahazu', god of kidnapping and murder, and then later a twin headed deity over savagery and chaos. This latter deity gave them the strength to fend of their adversaries, as well as a champion named "'Hun-Came" (One Death) [see Haunter of The Dark] who was chosen by that diety to lead them, and given prophetic visions. In modern terms, he might have been best compared to a blackgard. When the war was over, Hun-Came returned from the battlefield and upsurped their old leader Momoztli, going from a military leader to leader of the tribe. Hun-Came was the first in a line that would continue for 7 generations, the last successors of which would be regarded as demigods on earth. They attributed their success to their faithfulness, as well as sacred box said to have been made from the bones of their former leader, then boiled in his blood and sealed with his sacrificed heart inside. Dr. Knowby equated to the battle standards of other cultures in the region, believed to be vessels for a gods power. If a standard were lost or defaced in a battle, the battle would be lost and the god defeated by the other sides god. However, the bat folk tribe lost the sacred box, and were soundly defeated during the reign of their last chieftain "Vubu-Came" (Seven Death). There is no evidence to suggest that his twin sons ever succeeded him, though they were regarded as "hero twins" and their mother was said to have been a gift of their god.

Dr. Knowby notes that all of the statues in the ruins were defaced, and icons destroyed or ruined and replaced by the material culture of their conquerors.The new inhabitants of the ruins appear to have been of a mixed tribe of humans and halve elves. There was an interesting legend among the new human-elve tribe of a particular priest of their god ( a draconic deity that would appear to be an analogue to Corellon Larethian) who had a forbidden dalliance with the chieftains daughter. This priest is said to have been punished by being put under a powerful enchantment. Dr. Knowby believed it was a spell of the 9th degree known even today among black magicians. This spell could condemn a person to an 'Eternity of Torture' -hence its namesake. It would render a person ageless, breathless, sleepless, and hungerless, veritably immortal except they would be helpless and forever imprisoned in their own mind. This person would be subjected to the most powerful of illusions, as they would believe they were subjected to unspeakable tortures of nightmare, and thus would they be trapped forever and ever in a personal hell. The spell belongs to a special class of evil aligned arcanum known as Corrupt Magic. Such magic is very potent and rather than consume material components, it consumes dangerous amounts of a casters essence, taking away from their mental and physical health. This priest was placed into a stone coffin, and left deep underneath the very temple he served to suffer forever. But- it is also said that he was subjected to real torture after being put under the spell. For touching the flesh of the chieftains daughter
he was flayed, skinned alive and survived the ordeal due to a newfound deatlessness or perhaps some additional arcanum. With the centuries that passed the civilization declined and the great temple once occupied by the bat cult, and then by the Corellon Larethianists.

The people living in the area today had abruptly abandoned the god of their ancestors about a year or two ago for a god they called "Xipe Totec" (Our Lord The Flayed One) who is also called "Youalahuan" (The Night Drinker). This deity is said to give food to mortals by flaying his own skin, for which he demands repayment int he form of sapient sacrifice. Dr. Knowby reckoned that the god wearing flayed skin is symbolic of death and rebirth, of maize seeds losing their outer layer, and snakes shedding their skin. If they do not give sacrifice, the villagers believe they will starve, and be visited with all manner of poxes and afflictions of the flesh. The Priests of Xipe Totec would wear the decaying skins He had no explanations for where this new religion came from, but suspected it grew out of the old stories. Knowby's notes drew no further conclusions, perhaps if he had lived longer he might have learned more.

The party debated whether they could really be up against a god or some entity of unimaginable power. The party asked Rigel where the village was, and he explained that it lay to the East. When they asked what was in the direction of the North West, he told them that the ruins were off that way. Since the tracks came from that direction the party decided they would find their answers in the ruins. Taking some torches with them the party headed out into the night. The party eventually found their way to an ancient temple complex. It was roughly square with many smaller buildings collapsed or crumbling, and all choked by leafy vines surrounding a large step pyramid. The empty land surrounding the pyramid was completely overgrown with tall grass as high as Gajendra's eye. The whole area was dark, save for pyres and torches at the very top of the temple steps. Ascending the weathered stairs, the party reached the entrance into the building. The entrance was a naked opening without doors that lead into a dark passage. Listening, they could make out the faintest sounds of distant chanting. Orion checked the entrance for traps and found it sound, but was surpised when he narrowly avoided a dart dripping with poison that shot out from a camoflauged opening in the archway. Proceding deeper into the building the sound of the chanting would grow, and they would be hit by a foul stench that pervaded everything. The party would come to a long passage lined with alcoves filled with life sized statues of red clay that seemed new, or incredibly well preserved. The statues were of seemingly human figures, all like and draped in cloaks of untreated human skins, some very old, others fresh and new. At the end of this hall was a set of double doors and by the sounds of it the worshippers were somewhere on the other side. Orion again checked this door, and saw that it was safe. Nudging it slightly, he tried to open it enough to peek inside…setting off a trap! The eyes and mouths of the statues flanking the door suddenly opened and fired streams of needle like projectiles. Overwhelmed the rogue collapsed, but not so hard as to alert the celebrants in the chamber beyond. Recovering, the party readied themselves for the unknown, Vlad and Julia leading the charge into the room.

The doors opened into a short hall which gave way to a rectangular chamber. At the end of the hall were six kneeling worshippers, attention consumed by their meditive chanting. On the other side of them a cultist cloaked in human flesh was atop a stone altar in a crouch, thrusting at an unclothed and unskinned female form. From the wall behind him six nude women hung, unconscious from their wrists. The rite leader stood up from the altar demanding who had interrupted his rite. This man…had no face, and no skin at all! But unlike the woman beneath him who was most certainly dead, the man was more than animate. Vlad gave a battle cry in the name of honor, vengeance, and his god, while Julia just growled. As the two rushed the ceremony the floor suddenly opened up at the end of the hall, Julia leapt and cleared the pit with lightning relfexes while Vlad was too slow and ran right into it. Falling twenty feet he managed to avoid landing flat on his face, but before he could even attempt an escape, his impact in the bottom of the pit triggered a trap within the trap. The maws of two demonic faces carved in relief on the bottom of the pit suddenly lit up; Vlad blacked out and all the rest of the party on the ground above saw was the pit suddenly errupt with flame. "Where is your god now?", The Skinless Man laughed maniacally seeing the palidin's fate. "I am the only god here." Arielle and Gajendra would follow after leaping across the pit, while Cordy and Darrion drew their bows and struck with arrows.

One after the other the kneeling cultists fell to blade, mace, and arrow until their number was halved, and soon after two of the remaining three were incapacitated by Arielle's Color Spray. Meanwhile a raging Julia had stopped right in her tracks having met the deathless gaze of the cult leader, her rage turned to abject terror as she cowered in fear. The Skinless Man only smiled at the death of his cultists, reminding the party that he had raped their souls and forced into them the 'Seeds of Undeath' just as he had his own seed into the woman's corpse. The necromantic spell implanted a seed of necromantic power in their souls. With their death and the dissolution of that positive energy, nothing could contain the negative energy, stop it from bursting forth and giving them unlife. As unholy power burst from within their bodies in the form of radiant darkness, their flesh rapidly decayed and they tried to rise as undead-but Gajendra would have none of this! Whirling his hammers by their chains he became a whirlwind of steel, utterly crushing the living dead before they could stand! The cult leader frowned and commanded his one remaining cultist to kill one of the two that had been incapacitated, so that he might rise. The cultist hesitated at the thought of sacrificing his brother, but the look in the eyes of his 'god' put fear in him, and he drew a dagger stabbing him in the heart. Just as the body convulsed and shook with unlife Gajendra was able to take advantage of the opportunity and make one final attack, smashing the corpses skull in. Frustrated at the inability of his cultists to dispatch these interlopers, The Skinless Man spat a glob of sizzling blood at Gajendra. Aim perhaps off due to the distraction from the loxiphants swinging chains, the attack missed, hitting the ground with a splash that still burned him-though not badly. Flying into a rage from even that minor damage, Gajendra layed unto the cult leader, unhindered by his gaze of absolute terror,proving that a 'god' could bleed, as copious amounts of acidic blood tarnished his chains. "Grrrrgh-So there is a REAL warrior amongst you. Soon you will fall and KNEEL before me, and hear the lamentations of your human woman!" he threatened Julia, presuming her and the Loxiphant to be an item, and that Gajendra had rushed in to save her. Orion dropped his knife and took up his bow, adding to the barrage of arrows from Darrion and Cordy. Orion in defiance said none of his line would ever kneel before the likes of him. "Oh but you WILL KNEEL.", The Skinless man objected, " All in this land shall kneel. 'Flay your first born I saw' and they will do it, 'Burn your fields I say' and so shall it be done, I shall teach them all manner of knew ways to revel kill and shout, and they will do it out of FEAR. This is My REVENGE!" Arielle had enough of him. She only laughed at him, telling him to "get over it" after so many centuries. Catching him in the mouth with her blade of blood, she cut straight through his head with a horizontal slice.

As he collapsed to the ground, a Contingency suddenly activated, and Arielle, Julia, and Gajendra were washed over by a crackling wave of blackish green energy. Gajendra was terribly pained as spectral razors manifested under his skin, attempting to flay him alive while on the opposite side of the room Cordy was staggered as similar razors of force nearly did the same. The remaining cultist wailed and fell to his knees murming " son…" as he despaired. Unbeknownst to all save the remaining cultist-they had just been afflicted by a spell truly vile necromantic for one of the 3rd degree, Love's Pain. It was a spell the cults 'god' had threatened them with many times. Whoever was struck by it would be unharmed while the one living person they most cared about be damaged instead. With such a spell it was possible to torture someone, lancing them again and again, telling them how one by one those they loved were flayed alive until they themselves felt the razors edge. At that point they would know they were alone, and all they had cared about had been utterly mutilated. Many times had the cultists 'god' promised them that they would know his wrath if they ever held anyone in higher esteem than him -this was it. Linked to a Contingency to activate upon his demise, and augmented by metamagics into a burst radius, this was his final act. Arielle cared most about Cordy, Gajendra only for himself, but-who did Julia care about? Somewhere far away, somone she knew felt the razors edge.

Gajendra further enraged flailed at the corpse of the 'god' until it was so battered so as to be unrecognizable, leaving only a man-sized hunk of flesh and broken bones to be burned. While Orion freed the prisoners and inspected the cults loot, Gajendra lit the fire, and the rest of the party finally rescued the fallen palidin.

Taking the conscious cultist into custody the party came to understand that the villagers fields were suddenly blightled, and the Xipe Totec came by night, posing as a god afflicting them with contagion and other foul magics. The six were among the zealous few who truly believed him a god. In truth he was an insane centuries old slumberer awakened, hoping for revenge on the descendents of his long dead betrayers. However, a question remained…

If this tortured priest was under the effect of such a powerful spell of the ninth degee as Eternity of Torture, how was he freed? Who or what made the Wish or worked the Miracle that made his return possible?



Bad Memories
<Darrion> oh hell with teleportation, have to have proof it goes where it does after a quest that took us to godscar

<Ariel_Seolla> I dunno… they apparently have a good reputation in the city!
<Cordy> lol

Playing Medieval CSI
<Ariel_Seolla> They were killed… BY HALFLINGS!
<Cordy> lol
<Cordy> sry damnable tv on and distractin me -.-
[<OrionDeathBringer> law and order

  • Ariel_Seolla wonders if anyone else will be able

But Moooom, I dont wanna sit next to the DWARF!
<Ariel_Seolla> Oh snap!
<Cordy> yes we move no more crazy dwarf yuh! Woot
<Vlad[Frog]> Lunch. :D
<Ariel_Seolla> Cordy gets to stay with the dwarf >_>
<Cordy> oh hells no >.>
<OrionDeathBringer> looks like orion is stuck with him too
<Ariel_Seolla> Cordy not like the dwarf!
<Cordy> he scared her!
<Cordy> XD
<GameMastaTamm> whut why?
<GameMastaTamm> He's not even drunk.
<Gajendra> She's easily scared
<GameMastaTamm> Wait til he's drunk.
<Ariel_Seolla> lol

Chronic Illnesses
<Gajendra> Adult Onset Symbiote Diabetes Type II
<Ariel_Seolla> Vlad, detect evil on the elephant!
<Gajendra> With my luck…just means Gaj can't feel his extremities
<Cordy> XD
<Gajendra> He actually hasn't made the turn yet, but soon

I KNEW should Have Stayed Home Today
<GameMastaTam> " Vlad[Frog] the frog facepalms. "I want to go home. "
<Cordy> XD
<GameMastaTam> He sounds like Arnold
<GameMastaTam> From Magic School Bus
<Gajendra> …hahaha, the ginger?
<GameMastaTam> "I should have stayed home todaaay
<GameMastaTam> yeah

Ow Ow Ow Ow Ow-Do You Know How Much That STINGS?
(Rogue fails 2nd trap search, is shot with a number of needles)

<GameMastaTam> neck, arms
<GameMastaTam> *shoulders
<GameMastaTam> maybe even his face too
<OrionDeathBringer> ow
<Vlad[Frog]> The needles penetrate his tongue and gums.
<GameMastaTam> * OrionDeathBringer gets hit with a few of them and well he goes down "Oh gods the pain!"
<GameMastaTam> How loud did he say that?
<Gajendra> Left nostril?
<Vlad[Frog]> Left nostril.
<Vlad[Frog]> And then the right nostril.
<GameMastaTam> yeah.
<GameMastaTam> THAT could be a fashion statement to some people in this region.
<Vlad[Frog]> We can take comfort in the knowledge that .. although he felt the first needle bisect his penis and enter one testicle, he was unable to cry out because of the other needle that entered his voice box. MERCIFULLY a few seconds later, one popped his eyeball and KO'd him.
<Vlad[Frog]> Let us all be comforted.
<OrionDeathBringer> holyshitsauce
<Juli> that's.. just cruel
<Juli> i approve
<GameMastaTam> On a side note…they do things like that in CBT for real
<GameMastaTam> …interesting photos…

  • Gajendra is afraid to ask what CBT is

<OrionDeathBringer> cbt?
<GameMastaTam> moooving on…
<Gajendra> Good call
<Cordy> o.o
<Juli> roll the healing goodness of hte pots as i you use them OrionDeathBringer

  • Gajendra nods

<GameMastaTam> Its only Cock & Ball Torture Gaj, nothing spectacular
<Darrion> lol, I don't care so lets go with it
* Gajendra chuckles
<Vlad[Frog]> Did I mention the first needle lodged in the taint?

Strong Silent Types
And Darrion, post wasn't ignored ooc just for the record :)
<Vlad[Frog]> It might've even been a richochet.
<Gajendra> Gaj is just not the most loquacious or considerate fellow
<OrionDeathBringer> orion good to go then?
<Gajendra> Yep, back up and 'atem
<Vlad[Frog]> There goes Gajendra using big words.
<Cordy> XD
<Gajendra> Garrulous?
<Vlad[Frog]> So you can spell "fellow" instead of "dude". Big deal.
<Vlad[Frog]> :p

  • Gajendra chuckles
  • Gajendra is literally ripping off Con-Air for comedic effect…apparently to no effect though *sobs*

<Juli> lol
<Vlad[Frog]> I said drop the teddy bear.

Twitter Me This: Just Witnessed a Skinned Aoman's Corpse Being Shagged by a Cultist Who Has No Skin Either
* OrionDeathBringer followed behind the others "I still need to work on my trap finding..and..what the fuck.." what was seen can not be unseen.
<GameMastaTam> Six other women are at the back of the chamber hanging unconscious you would presume, from shackles. The man violating the corpse looks up at you, rising slightly. His hood falls back, revealing that he has no flesh of his own, a nude skinless man. "…WHO dares interrupt my coitus?"
<Ariel_Seolla> [INTERUPT his COITUS!]
[02:41] * OrionDeathBringer yep he's gonna have nightmares..

<Darrion> omg, Cordy says he fucking the woman that has no skin over here
<Vlad[Frog]> That's what it sounds like.
<Cordy> <.< yea see not the only one that thought it sounded weird XP
<Darrion> you thrust spears, swords and all too
<Juli> you know i wouldn't put it past any evil cult
<Cordy> lol
<Gajendra> And you'd be right not to

The Battlecry That Started It All

Vlad[Frog] the Froglok, with absolute conviction shining in his eyes thrusts his battered old longsword into the air and bellows, "Take up arms in defense of your heathen, blood-thirsty god, infidel! For the Dragon Goddess Tamara! For Honor! For Vengeance!" And he took off running towards the scene, sword held aloft.

(The Palidin charged into to the BBEG's room falls into a twenty foot deep pit trap…and then hitting the bottom is suffused by jets of flame from a trap within the trap.)

<Vlad[Frog]> What was the second save for?
<GameMastaTam> !roll 5d4 FIAAAAR
<@Vault> GameMastaTam rolls FIAAAAR [ 5D4:14 2 4 3 3 4 = 16 ]
<Vlad[Frog]> -9 (5 non-lethal) so I suppose -4.
<OrionDeathBringer> frogs legs?
<Juli> glad that Orion's got taht 2nd pot hehe

* Vlad[Frog] the frog disappears from sight into a pit. Balling himself up, he puts the shield between himself and the floor, sort of doing a Lampoons style sledding thing as he hits the ground, before crashing into the far wall. Bruised, he sits up and .. is fried.

(He is left for the duration of the encounter…in the hole. Unconscious. And smoldering. Maybe he was right. {Note the "Lampoons" style. I also recall "Boromir" style shield wearing, I predict 300 or Leonidas style sheild bash in the future.})

< Isn't vlad in a hole?
<GameMastaTam> yes. yes he is
<Juli> could always patch up Vlad

  • Gajendra agrees with Juli

<Cordy> mmk
<Juli> dude's been smoking since the fight started

(The cleric then proceeds to try shooting her bow again rather than healing him )

<Cordy> !roll 1d20+2 arrow in yer face!
<@Vault> Cordy rolls arrow in yer face! [ 1D20+2:14 10 +2 = 12
<Cordy> XD
<GameMastaTam> MISS
<Cordy> damn
<Cordy> lol

(Its not as fun as the first time {See next entry})

so prox of people pls
<Gajendra> Skinless is up and fighting, Gaj is 10 ft away from him or so, Darrion shot and hit, Cordy shot and missed
<Gajendra> Juli still paralysed, Vlad still smouldering
<Juli> i believe that puts me at 20ft from skinless pacing
<GameMastaTam> D; you guys just him left in there
<GameMastaTam> Although I think that was a really good trap
* Ariel_Seolla has no way to heal the dude, and sort of forgot about him anyway

( A while later, he has probably stopped smoking.)

<Vlad[Frog]> So..
<Vlad[Frog]> Would anyone mind slapping a bandage on my character so that maybe in 2 days he can wake up, crawl out of the hole and go home?
<GameMastaTam> …
<Vlad[Frog]> If it's not too much to ask.
<GameMastaTam> What is he…
<Ariel_Seolla> We'll pull you out afterwards
<Vlad[Frog]> -4
<GameMastaTam> chopped fr- oh nevermind. D;
<Vlad[Frog]> After what?
<Cordy> well I'ma cast a heal on meself >.>
<GameMastaTam> hmmm
<Ariel_Seolla> than crawl in the hole, and cast it on the frog?

  • * Vlad[Frog] stares.
  • * Vlad[Frog] shakes his head.

(And finally….)

* Juli sticks a themometer into Vlad. "almost to the sweet spot"

  • Vlad[Frog] webbed hands twitch.

<Cordy> !roll 1d8+2 heals for the froggy!
<@Vault> Cordy rolls heals for the froggy! [ 1D8+2:14 2 +2 = 4 ]
<Vlad[Frog]> Trying to earn a spot on the list of 'People to Choke'?
<Juli> froggy's also got a 1d8+1 to roll fo rheals
<Darrion> oh potion as well if not rolled
<Vlad[Frog]> 1d8+1
<@Vault> Vlad[Frog] rolls 1D8+1: 8 +1 = 9

  • Gajendra looks around for Wayne Brady

<Cordy> nice!
<Cordy> nice!
<Ariel_Seolla> Corpy brought him to staggered. potion gave him LIFE
<Gajendra> Nice
<Ariel_Seolla> Cordy*
[<Vlad[Frog]> Is Wane Brady going to have to choke a bitch?
<Juli> it's ALIVE
<Vlad[Frog]> "Aw shit it's Wayne Brady!"
<Vlad[Frog]> *Wayne Brady leans out the window of the car with an AK47*

"The Movies" What's a Movie?/No Respect

<Gajendra> <Co> everyone's got a favourite lighter, that's such a bullshit scene in movies, they'd just light it and keep their fuckin zippo. All the same he would likely have scavenged for a trophy to take from the beast before he would turn to face the rest. At the mention of Vlad he frowned, not so much missing the fellow, but the memory of the candy was strong enough in his mind now that his stomach was <C>
<Gajendra> <Co> rumbling to disconcert people several feet away from him. He would move to the pit and look down cautiously. <C>

  • Cordy whimpers and sinks to her knees as the pain surges through her body, panting as she looked up at Ariel. "I-I'll be o-okay…" she murmurs softly before closing her eyes and casting her healing powers upon herself to feel a little better. "T-that… d-didn't f-feel good…" she murmured softly.
  • Vlad[Frog] and there at the bottom, of course is the frog. Flesh blackened, skin hanging off of his muscles as happens with serious burns.

<Ariel_Seolla> "Does anyone else smell frog legs? I'm getting hungry."
<Juli> "Someone could get Vlad out of the fire pit of death? he's beeen smoldering down there for a while now"
<OrionDeathBringer> "Now yer making me hungry.." he keeps helping out with freeing the shackled females.

(Notice the rogue busy with freeing the nude prisoners. }:-) I see what ya did thar. Also note the trap has a name now "Fire Pit of Death" -I like that. Now I just wish someone had bothered to kick someone into it. D; Damn.)

<Ariel_Seolla> "Oh damn, I forgot about the paladin. He's so quiet, he doesn't have much a prescence. We'll have to take him out and get him drunk after this."

(Do Pallys get drunk? Isnt that intemperance or something? You know what they say- in Heaven they make love, on Earth they have sex, in Hell-in Hell they F*UCK. Following that logic I reason that Pallys probably become 'lighlty intoxicated' at best, while blackgard get shi*tfaced. Although…they said they'd get him drunk. OoOoooOo corruption.)

  • Darrion then looks around "Oh no…." walks to the edge looking down "Orion let Juli and the others free them, looks like I might need your help to get him out so Cordy can heal him…..if he still alive." a look of concern on his face as he pulls rope and and grappling hook out

<Juli> "If he's still alive force feed him that other potion. should make him less.. fragil for hte trip up to Cordy" she says
* Darrion would help get the smoldering palidan up and over to Cordy so she can also heal him
* OrionDeathBringer helps pull Vlad out then takes the extra healing potion he has " Say aaaaaahhh!" he pours the potion down Vlad's maw and rub w/e throat he could.
* Vlad[Frog] the Froglok slowly comes around, blinking blurrily up at the cieling. Coughing, his flesh knitting back into it's normal .. healthy and handsome .. errr.. green. He rubs his head. "What happened?"
<OrionDeathBringer> "You almost got turned into froglegs…..Froglegs."
<Juli> "didn't jump so good" she motions to the pit. "Everyone going to be good to head back?"
* Darrion is relieved he was alive "Well we got the job done." not sure what else to think

  • Vlad[Frog] getting to his feet with a groan. "Knew I should've gone home."

(See, I'm a regular Miss Frizzle.)

<Cordy> I'ma arrow the skinless fucker!
<GameMastaTam> Vlad22 Arielle 15 Juli14 Darrion11 Gadj 8 Cordy Orion 7 is new init order
<Cordy> !roll 1d20+6 ARROW in THE EYE?!
<@Vault> Cordy rolls ARROW in THE EYE?! [ 1D20+6:14 8 +6 = 14 ]
<Cordy> <.<
<GameMastaTam> HIT
<Cordy> WOOHOO
<Ariel_Seolla> You don't wear armour during coitus
<Cordy> ok… first time shootin need ta see what I roll XD
<Ariel_Seolla> its 1d8-1
<Cordy> ah ty
<Cordy> !roll 1d8-1 Damaaaage rah!
<@Vault> Cordy rolls Damaaaage rah! [ 1D8-1:14 2 -1 = 1 ]
<GameMastaTam> …
<Cordy> LOL
<GameMastaTam> but you dmg him
<Cordy> wewt XD

oh noes
<OrionDeathBringer> the dreaded suddenly.

  • Ariel_Seolla seems to recall suddenly being a common tam theme

A Veritable "Whirling Buzzsaw of Death. Whats the button combo for that?
(Gajendra just killed 3 rising Zombies…with AOO as they tried to get up, and then killed a fourth as a cultist tried to raise another one.)

<Gajendra> 1d20+13 1d20+13 1d20+13 (One AOO on each, Combat Reflexes)
<@Vault> Gajendra rolls (One AOO on each, Combat Reflexes) [ 1D20+13: 14 +13 = 27 ] [ 1D20+13: 3 +13 = 16 ] [ 1D20+13: 17 +13 = 30 ] = 73
<Darrion> I shot the skinnless dude
<Gajendra> 16 hit?
<GameMastaTam> OH SHIIIIIT
<Cordy> O.o
<GameMastaTam> it does
<Juli> combat reflexes is a rocing thing
<GameMastaTam> yes you hit gaj
<Gajendra> 1d8+13 1d8+13 1d8+13 (still two handed grip and isn't my turn yet so brute charge still in effect)
<@Vault> Gajendra rolls (still two handed grip and isn't my turn yet so brute charge still in effect) [ 1D8+13: 2 +13 = 15 ] [ 1D8+13: 5 +13 = 18 ] [ 1D8+13: 7 +13 = 20 ] = 53
<Juli> gaj was just doing whirling buzzsaw of death

* Gajendra trumpeted out a cry as he saw the undead rise, "EVERYONE DOWN!" 6before he would torque his shoulders as hard as he could, the surge from his gloves still infusing him with power as he snapped the chains around him in a furious circle that ended up crushing bone and sinew and breaking the bodies to the point where their vessels could no longer sustain the unholy essence they'd been instilled with. <C>
<GameMastaTam> The cultist draws a dagger and knifes the fallen cultist next to him. His body bursting with dark power as he dies, rising as an undead (GAj, do you get another Aoo?)
<GameMastaTam> Just as the undead begins to sit up, the loxiohants whirling chains find one more target, as if to say "Denied." The dead shant rise on Gajendras watch.


  • OrionDeathBringer figures best shot is to go ranged,keeping his crossbow out he aims and fires at the skinless guy " A deathbringer won't kneel to your kind.."

<GameMastaTam> "Oh but you WILL KNEEL. All in this land shall kneel. 'Flay your first born I say' and they will do it, 'Burn your fields I say' and so shall it be done, I shall teach them all manner of knew ways to revel kill and shout, and they will do it out of FEAR. This is My REVENGE!"

* Ariel_Seolla laughs, "Good god, the civilization you want revenge on doesn't even exist anymore, get over it already!" before charging towards the skinless man, eyes closed, a film of blood covering her sword flowing from wounds in her own wrists.

(There were no words for what followed)

…There Are No Words For This.
la> 1d20+11 charge bless +2 more if flanking
<@Vault> Ariel_Seolla rolls 1D20+11: 19 +11 = 30
<GameMastaTam> hit
<Ariel_Seolla> 1d20+11 confirm
<@Vault> Ariel_Seolla rolls 1D20+11: 12 +11 = 23
<GameMastaTam> hit confirm
<Ariel_Seolla> 10d6+14
<@Vault> Ariel_Seolla rolls 10D6+14: 2 6 4 4 4 4 6 4 2 4 +14 = 54

Gajendra: That Creepy Guy At Work
* Ariel_Seolla saved a cultist!
<Ariel_Seolla> you psycopaths >_>
<Gajendra> Damn straight
<Gajendra> Gaj is literally insane

* Gajendra would have spittle drooling from his chin, froth in the corners of his mouth as he stared down the vile beast without flinching as he brought the mighty two handed blow down against the creature. As Ariel rushed in and SMOTE that bitch but good he would barely register it, moving forward to keep smashing the corpse even as the blood flared up with a viridian glow. The razors cut deeply,provoking a grunting snarl and a short trumpet from his trunk as he grit his teeth so hard a thin line of blood began to form at the base of his lip, running down his chin. Still he would move forward, bludgeons beginning a rapid tattoo and splattering the gore of their foe far and wide as he began raining down blows upon what was left of him. The thing had hurt him…it wasn't permitted to exist any more.

SILLY ROGUE-Relics are for-

<OrionDeathBringer> "Relics?! Riuns?? Where?!!" he was itching to delve into such "Can you point us in the direction ?"

What Cannibals Did you Meat?
(Gajendra sees 12 skinned corpses piled in a camp, and determines they weren't skinned by cannibals.)

<GameMastaTamm> "people must be like chicken, cripsy skins tha bes' part o' somethin'. ", the dwarf reasoned.

  • Gajendra shook his head, ivory swaying with the motion as he finished the last of the biscuit with a prodigious cracking sound. He'd known cannibals and they would NEVER leave the meat behind and just take the skin, sure they'd skin them but it was very rare that the peel of ANYTHING was better tasting than what lay beneath. He suspected they were doing it to destroy morale or inspire fear, perhaps some ritual was being performed but he doubted sincerely their reasons for taking the skins only were alimentary.
  • Gajendra grunted as he straightened from a corpse, absently wiping his bloodied gauntlets on his thighs as he stood up and turned to face Cordy as she spoke, nodding in agreement as he would speak again in a voice so low it was more felt than heard, "Either someone wanting to scare people by playing barber, or another set of cultists wanting to bring something fresh to show and tell he offered

(Then Julietta gets ideas)
<Juli> she looks back to Orion, "Might need to give it to Cordy to read. She has skill in healing." she straightens up. "A starving village would not leave a morsel of food with in this settlement. I feel the hand of a Dark one at work here.."

Gods Can Bleed

<Juli> I do not think surivors, but clues. We could be going up against a God as far as we know. That will require blessing and careful forthought." she looks to Darrion. "I do not quite think your breaches big enough to be called god slayer just yet"
<Juli> "Are you ready to die facing what could be a god?" she grins at Darrion. "If so lead the way and we'll see if your as ready as you think you are. But do not let your quest to aid others allow you to step into a fight you, and those with you are not ready for." she pats Darrion on the shoulder, "For you must remeber, the blood of those that follow will forever stain your hands"

<GameMastaTam> …is Juli saying Catman is small in the pants?
<GameMastaTam> "Wolfman has balls?" -hilarious line from that film.
<GameMastaTam> Hey you never know Juli
<GameMastaTam> Maybe LEOnidas can prove that a "god" can bleed?
<Juli> making them bleed is one thing. making them die is another
<OrionDeathBringer> by kicking him into a pit

Ya Can Shout, Ya Can Hoot, Ya Can Holla -Make Any Noise Ya Like! But If Ya Cant Chant, Oh If Ya Cant Chant -Well, Ya No Cult O' Mine!

Gajendra grimaced as they mentioned the sound of chanting up ahead of them, perhaps his large flap-like ears might pick it up after they pointed it out. Regardless his grimace would deepen as the cleric's magic washed over them, causing him to shudder a touch inspite of himself. "Where's the chanting coming from, behind those doors?"

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