Improved Critical

Improved Critical

Type: General
Source: Player's Handbook v.3.5

Choose one type of weapon, such as longsword or greataxe. With that weapon, you know how to hit where it hurts.

Prerequisite: Proficient with weapon, base attack bonus +8 or higher

Benefit: When using the weapon you selected, your threat range is doubled. For example, a longsword usually threatens a critical on a 19 or 20 (two numbers). If a character using a longsword has Improved Critical (longsword), the threat range becomes 17 through 20 (four numbers). Note: "Keen" magic weapons also double their normal, nonmagical threat range. As with all doubled doublings, the result is triple. A magic longsword with a doubled threat range in the hands of a character with Improved Critical (longsword) would have a threat range of 15 through 20 (six numbers: 2 for being a longsword, +2 for being doubled once and +2 for being doubled a second time).

Special: You can gain this feat multiple times. The effects do not stack. Each time you take the feat, it applies to a new weapon.

For Spell casters: Choose one category of weapon-like spell (ray, energy missile, or touch spell). When you use a spell of the selected category the threat range is doubled. A spell normally threatens a critical on a 20; this feat increases that range to 19-20. You can gain this feat multiple times, choosing a different weapon or category of weapon-like spell each time.

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