House Rules


Channel Rules

  • Be cool, and know when to chill.
  • Have fun, or else.
  • We have a loose policy against channel idling, but players in a channel have the right to request an administrator clear a roleplaying channel of idlers.
  • If you are caught rolling in any channel or posting in a channel alone or in a channel where no active scene is taking place, it will result in a warning first and loss of all xp. If you are caught doing this again, this will result in a permanent ban from the channel. This is something that simply will not be tolerated at all.
  • It is not appropriate, polite, or acceptable to comment oocly on someone's rp. Unless you are asked by a player to give feedback, don't do it, keep your opinions to yourself, this includes the ooc chan and pm's. You will be warned once and then a one hour ban will be put into place, second offense will be a 24 hour ban, and the third time will result in a permanent ban.
  • Home brewed doesn't exist here, don't ask.

Character Creation

  • 8 points in all stats, 36 point 1:1 buy, 18 max in any stat. Then add/subtract racials.
  • 250 starting gold
  • HP generation is max +/- Con at each level

General Gameplay

  • The basic rules for Dungeons & Dragons can be found here in the System Reference Document (often called the SRD).
  • All casting (Arcane and Divine) is considered spontaneous. However this does mean all casting is treated as such, meaning metamagics require a full round to apply without appropriate training such as the Rapid Metamagic feat.
  • Award Point System Otherwise known as REward Points, or REP. Please note: if you want to receive REP, you need to set up a page here so that your REP can be properly recorded.
  • Eschewing Materials, all spellcasters can ignore material costs up to 125gp. Taking the feat Eschew Materials doubles this to 250gp.
  • HP generation is max +/- Con at each level
  • Languages reworked for Therafim, with most people in Therafim being illiterate by default.
  • Magic Item Limitation
  • Magic/Psionic Full Transparency, SR = PR and so forth.
  • Multiclassing limited to 4 classes/PRC's. Any PRC started must be completed before another can be started.
  • Restricted Evil Alignments, required to be unlocked with the Award Point System to help ensure proper use
  • Swordsage / Monk AC Bonus and other similar bonuses do not stack with each other
  • Unlimited cantrips/orisons at 7th level and onwards


  • Criticals: When rolling a skill check, a natural one subtracts ten from the roll and a natural twenty adds ten to the roll
  • Ranks in Knowledge/Perform, taking one point in any of these skills gives you one Knowledge/Perform as usual. However for every four ranks your character has, you gain a bonus additional Knowledge/Perform type.
  • Ranks raising Craft confers a new bonus Craft skill every six ranks.
  • Ranks raising Profession confers a new bonus Profession every ten ranks.

Example: 4 Ranks in Knowledge would give 1 Knowledge as normal + 1 Bonus from Ranks or 10 Ranks in Profession would give 1 Normal + 1 Bonus


None currently

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