The Nurtuting Mother, Kind Heart

Symbol: A bell
Home Plane: Arcadia
Alignment: Neutral Good
Portfolio: Abundance, family, feminine fertility, peace, healing, cooperation, contentment
Worshipers: Grand Turos, parents, healers, diplomats, farmers
Cleric Alignments: LG, NG, N
Domains: Community, Family, Feast, Healing, Life, Protection, Purification, Renewal, Repose, Sloth
Favored Weapon: Sickle

When the Grand Turos first rose to power, Taurus and Hathor were their first Emperor and Empress, semidivine beings in their own right, with great wisdom and strength and unity of purpose. Their actions combined brought about the law-inspired order which allowed their communities to thrive. And when they drew near to death, the gods elevated these first, best specimens of the Grand Turos, and they achieved true divinity. Hathor appears as a tall and shapely, if somewhat big-boned, woman with soft brown fur, and a sweet-natured cow’s head with pleasant brown eyes and short, gold-capped horns.

Hathor is the giver of plenty, the goddess of contentment, the uniter of enemies, and the bringer of peace. She is Taurus’ counterpart, and acts to keep him in check, controlling his moments of mad rage and occasional tyranny with her soothing ways and even temper, even as he works to keep her stalwart in the defense of others, rather than letting her yielding nature get the better of her. Her worshipers seek to do the same with the world around them, trying to calm negative emotions, better their communities, and aid and protect the weak and needy.

The clergy of Hathor are primarily female, though there are a substantial number of males who worship her actively as well. Her clerics often serve as healers and midwives as well as working to distribute excess food collected from cleric-run farms to aid those in need. They dress simply but neatly, the only sign of their worship a bell worn around the neck (usually with a padded clapper to prevent disturbing others with undue noise), and a simple, tasteful gold band around the head. Taurus and Hathor never have temples apart from each other, as they are both parts of a greater whole, each completing the other, male and female, war and peace, justice and mercy. Whether in their greatest temples or lowliest household shrines, the two deities are always worshiped side by side. Their temples are made to serve as military hospitals and defended fortresses in times of war, and are places of healing and food storage in times of peace.

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