Hammers Of Hell

DM: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Olivia, level 5 changeling psion
Kaellack, level 1 human rogue
Darrion, level 3 baagh ranger
Ariel Seolla, level 3 human duskblade
Cordy, level 3 elf cleric
Julietta, level 5 human barbarian
Shiari, level 1 panteri warblade

1 dwarven wereboar and 5 1st level fighter maeluth (Planetouched, from FF, CR 5 total)

Olivia, Julietta: 350 xp each
All others: 390 xp each

430 gp in gems for each

Quest Summary:
The party were taking refuge in the upper part of one of Avalon City's aquaducts, the dragonstone of its construction helping it survive the recent devastation, when they heard and felt tremors below. Going to investigate, the group found a band of fiendish dwarves (maeluth fighters) and a maeluth wereboar all trying to undermine the aquaduct. Doing battle with the devilish sappers, they saved the city's water supply!

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