One-Eye, He-Who-Never-Sleeps

Symbol: Empty eyesocket
Home Plane: Acheron
Alignment: Chaotic evil
Portfolio: Orcs, war, strength, territory
Worshipers: Orcs and orc allies, tribal barbarians
Cleric Alignments: CE, CN, NE
Domains: Chaos, Evil, Orc, Passion, Wrath, Hatred
Favored Weapon: Spear

Gruumsh (groomsh), deity of orcs, is chaotic evil. He appears as a hulking orc in black full plate armor. He has one unblinking central eye. He harbors a special hatred for Corellon Larethian, Moradin, and their followers. In ages past, Corellon Larethian put out Gruumsh’s left eye in a fight. Some orc clerics dispute this tale, claiming that the elven deity stole the eye because he could not beat Gruumsh in a fair fight.

Gruumsh demands that his followers be strong, that they cull the weak from their numbers, and that they take all the territory Gruumsh thinks is rightfully theirs (which is almost everything). He tolerates no sign of friendliness from his people. Unceasing warfare is his creed, though Gruumsh does not object to simple colonization if that can be arranged. Gruumsh dislikes everything that is not an orc or of orcish make, and he feels particularly spiteful toward elves (over the matter of his eye). He feels equal malice toward dwarves, who contested with the orcs for control of the mountains and won, a state of affairs Gruumsh regards as strictly temporary.

Clergy and Temples
Gruumsh’s clerics strive to become the war leaders of their communities or the key advisers to those leaders. They also see to the culling of the weak and unfit. They usually wear fighting gear. A temple or shrine to Gruumsh lies at the heart of nearly every orc community. They tend to be oppressive places full of acrid smoke and the stench of blood. Temples and larger shrines invariably have holding cells where sacrifices to Gruumsh are kept, and many feature gladiatorial areas as well.

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