Ghoul Gauntlet!

DM Name: Ventalio

Alina Wizard 1
Belle Hibiki Monk 1/Ardent 2
Ibis Healer 1
Kiefer Barbarian 2
Rhine Barbarian 1
Silya Knight 1

Ghouls (x3) (CR 3)
Advanced Ghast (CR 5)
Total CR 6

Alina: 450 XP
Belle Hibiki: 450 XP
Ibis: 450 XP
Kiefer: 450 XP
Rhine: 450 XP
Silya: 450 XP

675 GP each

Our heroes were traversing the marketplace, when they suddenly noticed a woman in distress! Quicly rushing over, they were asked by the citizen to chase down the ominous shadowy figure she had seen. They agreed, and as their ranks swelled, they went off in search of the beast down an alleyway. It hadn't gotten far, but it HAD expected trouble, and the ghouls and their pack leader had an ambush in store! However, the group was able to overpower the pack of flesh-eating undead, but not after several nasty injuries! As the disease took hold over one of their group, he could only think of rest. The others quickly claimed their reward from the grateful noblewoman.

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