Ghost Touch Spell

Ghost-Touch Spell

Type: Metamagic
Source: Ghostwalk

You know how to tune your damaging spells to affect ghosts without harming other creatures.

Benefit: A ghost-touch spell affects only ghosts and does no damage to other creatures. Ghosts are affected whether incorporeal or manifested fully and do not have the benefit of their incorporeal miss chance. This metamagic feat works only on spells that deal damage. For example, a ghost-touch fireball cast by a 5th-level wizard deals 5d6 points of fire damage to ghosts, but is harmless to any other creatures in the area. Damaging spells with additional effects nor related to damage (such as the ability of a wall of ice to function as a barrier) still affect non-ghosts (but if a non-ghost passed through an opening in the wall of ice, he would nor take any damage from the spell). A ghost-touch spell takes up a slot of the same level as the spell's actual level.

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