The Mad One, She of the Red Talons

Symbol: A set of bloodstained claws
Home Plane: Pandemonium
Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Portfolio: Uncontrolled nature, unchecked growth, cancers and diseases, aberrations, evil wild creatures, base instincts of intelligent creatures
Worshipers: Evil fey and magical beasts, corrupted formerly-good wild beings (i.e. dryads, nymphs, satyrs, treants and unicorns, among others), dark druids, crazed cultists
Cleric Alignments: CN, NE, CE
Domains: Animal, Chaos, Creation, Evil, Feast, Gluttony, Life, Lust, Madness, Mysticism, Ocean, Passion, Pestilence, Plant, Sky, Slime, Strength, Storm, Weather, Windstorm, Wrath
Favored Weapon: Spear or natural weapons

Frenzy appears as a hideous creature that most resembles a red-furred unicorn. However, instead of hooves, the goddess has terrible rending claws, and the beast’s teeth are long and razor-sharp. Both claws and teeth are perpetually stained in the gore of freshly-killed victims.

Let it loose! That is the rallying cry of Frenzy to all who will listen. Where Matra is a goddess of life and growth and fertility, Frenzy, the half-formed mistake that Matra was made to replace, embodies these qualities, but in an uncontrolled form, espousing total anarchy, and utter absolution of all things even remotely civilized. The acceptance of instinct over all else in Frenzy’s doctrine of destruction is very appealing to intelligent magical beasts with an evil bent, such as worgs, and to many who revel in the absolute freedom that comes with anarchy.

Frenzy’s clergy are usually druids who have given themselves over to evil, or fey who have been corrupted by the wild maliciousness of nature and have taken class levels. There are a few cultists of other races as well, those who have given themselves over to their base urges, and now stalk the night and hold wild, orgiastic ceremonies beneath the blood moon. Her places of worship are most often stone circles from ancient date, erected by long-forgotten hands or thrust up from the bones of the earth itself by powerful magic or titanic, primordial upheavals. They are almost always above ground, with an excellent view of the open sky. While many peaceful-seeming remote hamlets have Red Sabbaths (the name of the major worship ceremonies of Frenzy) in the woods and hills around their isolated townships, the true nature of their religion is seldom realized until it is far too late for the idle traveler.

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