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Classes and most definitely prestiege classes are world building tools. Every class should have a cultural article much the same as races . This article would explain how the class fits into the Therafim setting. In sourcebooks you will note that classes usually have this kind of text in a generic fashion that would allow them to be dropped in almost anywhere, and sometimes there is a sidebar to specific settings like Eberron or Faerun. I think there should be an effort to add customization of where the classes fit in the Therafim setting. As an alternative such information about the roles of classes could be included in the individual cultural segments describing the Setting of therafim, and the 'Barbarian' could consist of links BACK to those individual Setting pages to the appropriate section.

How do people of Therafim percieve them? In specific places?

Do they fill any particular roles in specific Therafimic societies? Are they found everywhere usually? Are they common (Fighters)?

Are they united so as to have traditions specific to the class, or is it more regional? How are they impacted by religion -consider some things like the approved Dweomer Keeper PRC requires Spell or Magic as a Domain, and ONLY Io has either of those domains, so all Dweomer Keepers must be his clerics. What are they like, is there any special initiation to become such?

Do they have traditions at all or are they more individuals?

Another little thing to think about for these articles is, how much stuff mechanically is identified in character? Obviously people recognize Wizards and Clerics, and Knighthood, or Barbarians, as very specific professions, ways of living, or simply something you're born and people calle them as such.

But what about rangers, fighters, rogues, beguilers, or scouts? How do these people identify themselves, do all of them do such? How many rogues call themselves 'rogues', and how often is it that a person might posses ranks in one or more classes but not refer to themselves as or identify with anything?

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"Congratulations, you can link to TV Tropes. This does not mean you have special insight into the storytelling process, much less the author's mind. Stories don't need to fit into neat boxes, you know.

Thoughts On Classes by SorrowduskSorrowdusk, 14 Jul 2010 09:00

1. A prospective player sees an ad somewhere.

2. They go to the site first perhaps, they see the lore the setting, start guide and what have you.

But they should also see a list of recent events. Things their new character would know about perhaps with a simple GI check. I know that when Dox came into play after the long arc, he had no idea we were under siege. I simple think this kind of public info is too lenghty to properly express in a MoTD. Now, some minor events like recent quests-they can look at those too, but smaller daily dramas and smaller less publically significant events of SLs should not-they should find those out by talking to characters. I also think significantly SL events should be written about officially, and the significant, publically known events of each IC "Book", "Chapter", "Saga", or "Arc" (albeit I dont like arc as much) described.

2. They make their character. Now I'm used to waiting a while for characters, writing intensive PbP's often require detailed and sensible backgrounds without clashing personality traits, overpowered or rediculous exploits, and mery-suism. Backgrounds dont have to be that lengthy here, and there is no required persona section-if you dont "know" who your character is at first without playing them, its ok. (its probably even ok if you just want to say you go around in a nondescript black cloak all the time, no one sees your face, and no one knows anything about you -or at least you wont write any of it OOC. But we shouldnt have many of those, in PbP mods deny/rejecy apps like those the plague.)

Because of this there shouldnt be a lot to approving a sheet, aside from making sure all the #s are right and if there is a background that should be checked out for any particularily egregious factual world errors, or Marysuism (I killed over 900 orcs fighting them dozens at a time because they killed -they should have been prepared to die, and I'm a master of my art at lvl 1. ) The sheet should be approved absolutely within 1 week, and probably only a couple days.

3. The New Player comes into character, maybe they've seen some significant known events of the homepage. They can go ahead, log in, and get some XP and experience roleplaying. They should speak with existing PCs about their experiences, some adventures, and maybe a little of very recent goings on and who's -who in town among NPCs or PCs any of hit perhaps hinting at SLs.

Now this is why the AAs are important-this is the primary means of mechanical advancement in this game. That and new Players want to SEE very easily that things are happening beyond the freeform as well. This is also why I think that quests should have detailed writeups that prospective or new players will enjoy reading-albeit they need not be of extraordinary length. Within the next 3-5 days of comming IC for the first time, it would be ideal if that new PC had gone on at least 1-2 quests, and if thats their thing, be inspired to eventually run some of their own when inspiration strikes.

4. The new PC will probably become aware of large events or storyline. Now, every storyline should have something for each tier. Some thing that can be targeted to that range of players-so every tier of power will be challenged without making things too easy or too hard for everyone. I dont know about simply dumping a ton of PCs in the street of varying lvls evertime-although coneivably like IRL-shit happens. Now NOT every storyline needs to involve combats or battles, provided those baser adventurer needs for coin/blood/wine/whores is being sated by some fairly regular questing. An SL can be more subtle and have not just big combats (where/when appropriate) but exciting set pieces if you will.

Also-perhaps a group goes on a single quests, observes something or finds something perhaps odd. Some Storylead/Assistant played NPC perhaps a reoccurring deckard cain asks about it perhaps after the adventure in town, or perhaps before they leave the quest site. Oooh theres something weird about some detail This detail is a clue or maybe just a hint of a connection with other events to come.

I think there should be a modicum of scheduling-we should decide how many SLs we will have each season, and about how logn they will be. They neednt all be the same lenght-and we neednt "rush" things near the end to ensure it wraps up. If need be, it can take as long as THE PCs need to move it along, albeit-it should be a living world, things are going to happen whethter the PCs immediately know where or when to move foreward or not. If there are loose-or as the case should be "trailing threads" after a storyline, these could be tied up, or better-woven into following events.

Any upkeep/maintainance or what have you that happens can be done by having Storylead/Assistants take up NPCs or deal with minor but SL events. A note on those NPCs-those NPCs should most definitely have detailed personailty and background sections, even if those NPC profiles were not public. NPCs that can be used by an QR for example, as well as any SL NPCs to be played by multiple SLAssistants during an SL need to be played consistantly-especially SL NPCs. "Sample" RPs might help this as well, showing how an NPC might act. This kind of information helps this. When a SLAssitant goes into character as an NPC it shouldnt be known or even be obvious what SLAssitant or Storylead is playing them at the time by PCs-they should just see it as this real character with no OOC player association. Some SLAssistants or Storyleads might play certain types of characters better than other OR certain specific recurring NPCs better than others-but they should never be so out of it that an NPC seems to be acting "out of character/norm" for them, it should be very believable and consistant with others past experiences. A recurring NPC or SL NPC should never be totally unavailiable if PCs are ready or needing of them, lest theres some IC reason for it because there should be Assistants who know what is going on, what needs to be done/accomplished with a session, and are availiable.

ALSO-Storyleads dont ALWAYS need to be RPing (although they should do it some of the time, but they I think are most siginificantly planning). They cant be everywhere with everyone (and who can be?) because as mentioned in posts above they would have Assistants, while the SLeaders themselves would be like directors/producers or in my KON LARP days-GMs (of which we had like 3-5 during any one montly event) holding discussions or giving instructions for drop plots or telling some GMAssitant what Garb/props they needed and who needed them. After the experience Assistants and NPCs need to give reports-basically the Storyleads need to know what happened with a situation the NPC was in, or an SLAssistant ran a minor happening/event the Storyleads need to know how it went, what was done, etc. Rather than LARP like Post Game Reports they can simply provide logs.

And another note of Quest writups, in addition to detailed quest writeups- SLs should always review the bots logs for IC things-if an altercation happens in the bar, perhaps some peasant or "one of the crowd" NPCs saw it and it MIGHT be of consequence-OR lets say the PCs kill a bystander or trash a bar during a normal Quest run by QRs or AA's…guess what? Should those PC return to that location or area during an SL someone may be looking them, be they the law or NPCs out for revenge! When things happen to PCs or between PCs SLeads should know about and consider it! This is also the value in character journals, as these might also provide insight into events that happened only to that character, or out of quest, or how they feel/think of recent events.

This is a living world.

The Living World of Therafim

Now dont that sound fun?

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"Congratulations, you can link to TV Tropes. This does not mean you have special insight into the storytelling process, much less the author's mind. Stories don't need to fit into neat boxes, you know.

Now, when characters aren't Questing/Adventuring or involved in Plot things can still happen with them. Some people may be "disinterested in sitting in a bar" but there are many places for a scene to transpire and Arcadia is only one of them. Other people may think they "have nothing interesting to talk about", but one should remember characters have RICH lives, they did NOT just suddenly "poof" into existance when they became lvl 1. Ok, mechanically they DID, but not ICly, theres plenty of stuff to talk about in your past (far more than can fit in a background), you can also talk about prior adventuring experiences, and the future -or even abstract topics if your character is philosophically minded.

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"Congratulations, you can link to TV Tropes. This does not mean you have special insight into the storytelling process, much less the author's mind. Stories don't need to fit into neat boxes, you know.

On Roleplaying by SorrowduskSorrowdusk, 13 Jul 2010 13:01

IMO (and this is just my opinion)

we need

1 Setting Lead -Determines what is/is not apart of the setting

2-3 Story Lead/ X Assistants -Person(s) who designs ongoing main/mass, side, and personal plots -they should have assistants under them, as the Storylead(s) and have planning sessions where the storylead(s) tell their assistants WHO needs to be talked to, and by WHAT NPCs and what things need to happen. Assistants will take on many roles, and scenarios -as ongoing plot, the things that happen will not necessarily wrap up tidily and return everything to status quo. (Much More On THIS below). I also do not believe a simple Staff Channel will suffice -there should be staff boards/BBS. Or barring PMs on the wiki would work, but then one must be sure to mail information to all necessary persons, boards seem easier.

2-3 Mechanic Lead/ X Assistants -Persons that approve mechanical/rule related things to be added to our ruleset. This also includes people who do simple things like see that sheets are correct, and give them approval, as well as approve custom items. A subset of this group would keep the bot running and regularily award XP.

Because 3.0/.5 is a closed edition no new offical materials are being added to it. Every source book added new spells, feats, and classes, and prestiege classes. I personally dont think its necessary to LIST every single approved feat, spell, class etc.

Firstly, there do exist comprehensive lists of these WoTC books-I believe the ammount of approvable material is greater than the ammount of unnaprovable material. Thus, I would suggest that each of these books (which last I checked is about 55ish) be examined, and content approved or dissapproved without the need for duplicating all of it on our site in some massive database. What we have already approved remains approved, we make ONE page and list totally approved books (Magic Item Compendium, spell compendium).If some book cant be approved in its entirety list its name and beside it WHAT parts of it are approved "Spells Only" or "Classes (Except….)" in that fashion. The exceptions to those things would be reproduced on a second Blacklist page with a brief and to the point reason why its inappropriate, in ONE or TWO sentences. AFTER we've gone through the WoTC sourcebooks and supplements, THEN we explore the reals of 3rd party supllements by groups like Necromancer games, Green Ronin publishing and anywhere else IF people express an interest in the materials OR they clearly would add something interesting to Setting.

X Quest Runners/Adventure Aids -ANYONE can run quests. The general road to such running a quest idea by staff, and then after running a few such in this way, one no longer needs approval to be a QR. An AA would be different than a QR in that an AA is a person who is actually staff. We only have a certain lvl range of players, the pre epic range of 1-20 needs to be broken up into tiers, and about 2 AA's assigned to those tiers. Their mission/job is to run ONE quest a week for their tier. So if we had a full lvl spread we could expect something like 6-8 quests a week when things are hot and when not-its okay if only half the possible quests that could be run are (3-4), with players QRing as often as they care to-that way we can assure we have quests running regularily outside of storylines.

Let me tell you about an amazing LARP, Kingdoms of Novitas in upstate NY. Those were the most epic gaming moments of my life, and there were about 70 of us when I was playing. The key was-everyone NPCd. Thats why it was cheap (it was not actually free because we had to rent the cabins)-some other LARP had to huge amounts of staff to make things work, but everyone NPCd at least half the time, with staff direction people where and what they needed to do whether that was being a band of wandering monsters, just going into the inn as a farmer see how people feel about current plots talking to them ICly or other things. Technically it ws more than half the time because over a weekend there were 3 shifts Friday/First Night; SatMorning, and SatEvening. You had to NPC at least 2 shifts every game IF you wanted to go into game as a PC and If you DID go IC as PC First Night, you absolutley had to NPC or at least help out in GM HQ (we called the building "Logistics") to sort and organize stuff get garb/weaps GMs wanted ready out of trunks and onto racks or help people get dressed. We had a MASSIVE supply of Garb for NPCs but if you could show you had the Garb to do it, and of proper quality, you could do more and get better roles. You got significantly more XP for helping or NPCing when GMs needed people to do it, than PCing. NPCing was the most mechanically rewarding and New people often NPCd for several games out of their first season so as to go into game with a better PC (I of course had bawls and went in game at lvl 1 my first game and almost died a few times), while PCing happened less but was the most fun. Players were encouraged and did try to bunk together consistantly, establishing a series of "guilds" or "lodges" or what have you. People who didnt have a group were "free agents" or "unbound". The idea was for everyone to find a consitant group, which made it easier for staff to write storylines specifically for those groups like Noble House of Cherry Blossoms, The Pinedale Sentinels, Guardians of The Sacred Truths, The Oddfellows, etc-because they knew just who was in them and what their flavor/PC roles are were.

I dont go to college over there any more but I plan to try to return for gradschool, or if money permits after school-move back there.

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"Congratulations, you can link to TV Tropes. This does not mean you have special insight into the storytelling process, much less the author's mind. Stories don't need to fit into neat boxes, you know.

+ Thoughts on Staff by SorrowduskSorrowdusk, 13 Jul 2010 10:24

New Entry

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"Congratulations, you can link to TV Tropes. This does not mean you have special insight into the storytelling process, much less the author's mind. Stories don't need to fit into neat boxes, you know.

Lost Les Innocents by SorrowduskSorrowdusk, 13 Jul 2010 08:10

THIS appears to be a decent way to find them as the template should inclued a "Played By" section.

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"Congratulations, you can link to TV Tropes. This does not mean you have special insight into the storytelling process, much less the author's mind. Stories don't need to fit into neat boxes, you know.

This: by SorrowduskSorrowdusk, 13 Jul 2010 07:23

There are more pages parented to Inactive Characters or Moved Characters than there appear-it is not displaying as it should, indeed as it used to for some reason.

You will have to search the site to find your lose page and parent to player characters.

I did parent some genuinely inactive characters to clear some of the clutter from the Active Characters list.

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"Congratulations, you can link to TV Tropes. This does not mean you have special insight into the storytelling process, much less the author's mind. Stories don't need to fit into neat boxes, you know.

NOTE! by SorrowduskSorrowdusk, 13 Jul 2010 07:21

A note on the Below:
The below document essentially tries to tie in some of the Magical Locations of DMG II into the Therafim setting. The Black Sands are a supernatural hazard from the Sandstorm WoTC supplement.

Also, though not actually featured as drawn art in the document, being a scroll of plain text -I've had this picture for some time now and I thought of it while reading the page for the Thostean Cradle and The Ribs of Therafim, albeit The Garden isnt actually smack dab next to the Ribs, I think that should this go up as another Lore Page there should be a pic of it in there, as well as on the Matrakal page. Ideally, should this go up, I'll find pictures for everything (other than the few in the book). And technically since The Frenzy Heart is an immobile thing, it COULD count as a Magical Location, and Could be added to this article if I knew more about it.

Ribs of Therafim/Frenzy Heart

For the Necropolis of Dread I mentioned Mummies and Undead dragons, right? TNK's a Sea guy, but he's somehow gotten command over mummies in the dryest most non Sea place on earth (going into the forbidden lore/tomb theme). Soooo, what does he do? }:-)

Well I was just looking at Sandstorm and guess what I found?

"Crawling Apocalypse"

What's that?
Krakken + Mummyrot/Despair + Sand Swimming =LAND KRAKKEN. Biches.

What? You thought it was safe on the land? Go back in the water.
I'm sorry, but thats the coolest shit ever. Even a bit cooler than the Sand/Ash worms, Dune Winder, and Anhydrut scorpion tank construct in that book possibly.

LAAAAND KRAKKEN. Thats more fun than Craaaab Peeeople.

The Hidden Powers of Therafim

composed by Hazzard Ausif The Tainted Scholar

Table of contents
The Black Sands
The Garden of Nature's Rage
The Elemental Hearts
The Terrible Cyst
The Altar of Dreams
The Necropolis of Dread
The Pool of Frozen Souls & The Everflame
The Dragonheart Tomb

Power. Power is everywhere, it is all around us and in every living thing. All creatures are fit to wield power, and all may increase their might. Power comes in many forms, and there are many ways to achive it. However, one needn't train or for decades to achieve it-fortune is not the same for all, and it is possible to gain great power very swiftly if one knows where to look. All over the world are ancient sources of power, places infused with truly vast sources of unlimited magic that might confer their power on untold numbers. However these places are the most closely guarded treasures in all the world and many are lost or forgotten. The greatest powers are also the shortest lived, and all powers that these place might grant are temporary, and with few exceptions may be recieved only once . However, the benefits recieved might be used as stepping stones to greater, more permanent seats of power. Power is a tool, and any power should be used to acquire more power, for if it is not then it is wasted utterly. I have spent a lifetime seeking these places and found none, but rumor and lore provides many clues and as many ancient riddles as to where they might be. Here I recount these places, though it is certain there are more -not just more places of power, but perhaps more than one of each. Indeed, it is possible that these places might have formed more than once under extraordinary circumstances, and indeed while the same specific location can only be used once, that does not exclude one from what few places exhibiting the same phenomena might exist.

The Black Sands

The Black Desert of The Abyss, The Iron Shavings of The City of Dis, The Shadow Sands, The Iron Sands. Also known simply as The Black Sands or The Sands -there exists a truly vile, self propogating evil that if intentionally put to the purpose, could destroy the world. Dark cultes want to build sacrificial pits filled with The Sands into which they might cast their victims, Dry Liches desire to study its mysteries and Dead Kings to upsurp the living by it, and Dragons crave to fill their lairs with it, and Elder Evils wish to set it on the wind and let the whole world slowly decay and fade to extinction. To the eye the sands appear as iron filings or perhaps black volcanic ash, but touching it subjects one to the ravages of negative energy. Thankfully upon death a creature does not become a wight, but rather its body disintegrates become Black Sand itself. However, this means that while it would take truly immense evil to create, anyone could create more as hardly a pinch is needed to kill an insect. The Sands radiate an aura that swallows up light so greedily, it is held that even a daylight spell can light a space where it exists for barely an hour.

Some say that a great quantity of it was created in ages past, but ancient wizard-kings buried it below the deserts of Crescent so it might never be used again. Other accounts say that a Black Desert was drained away through a portal to rid the world of it, but that a single sample remains in an hour-glass hidden in the lost tomb of a Dry Lich. A few hold that a dragon, a high priest of The Night Dragon, became undead and then created it to fill his lair before sealing himself in forever. And still more say that The Sands lie not in any earthly desert, but on the sandy bottom of the Panoceana at the most crushing depths, the realm of Dagon and The Father Styx -a nightmare waiting to loosed on all the world at the appointed time.

The Garden of Nature's Rage

Rage. I have found studies of the dark arts and black philosophies that there is no greater than rage focused by will. Nothing has more fury than Mother Nature, and none embody this virtue more than Frenzy-the very darkest and most savage part of Matra. Learned men are no stranger to The Heart of Frenzy, but have retained sanity to tell of what secrets she whispers. It is held that somewhere, possibly in deep in The Thostean Cradle, or perhaps on that Isle of The Mighty, or maybe in The Raging Jungles of Heaven's Tear or in The Jungle of Hydra is a garden that is a wellspring for the raw, unknowable power of nature. It is the naked face of agression, the raw unyielding demand that is life. The land is an magically unmappable wilderness populated by savage species, the majority of which are dire animals-though many are true behemoths, beasts bloated to Brobdingnagian proportians. A druid, and only a druid who makes a pilgrimage to this place and survives for seven days and seven nights without harming a single creature shall be granted the might of Nature's Rage for a year's time. In animal or elemental form they will appear distinctly feral and twisted, and in human shape their eyes will light with visible power that strikes men with primal fear. This power is utterly savage without honor or compassion, but it is not truly evil. However as well know, in sapient beings, anger leads to hatred.

The Elemental Hearts

The Four Hearts of Tharizdun, The Four Hearts of Therafim, The Heart of Ice, The Heart of Flame, The Heart of Stone, The Heart of Wind. Also known simply as The Four Hearts, or The Hearts, it is greatly debated whether the Hearts are free or won. The optimistic or the faithful believe that The Hearts are by free by the will of the gods never to be claimed by anyone, whereas others like I believe that The Hearts are claimed by that master of elements, Tharizdun -each one with a Temple of Elemental Evil built around it to keep their powers for His most high priests. However, there are some that say some Hearts are free and some are not, and that Tharizdun still seeks to control them all.

Vast concentrations of elemental magic have imbued four distinct locations with incredible power. The Hearts of Ice and Flame are abnormally cold or heated wherever they are, and the prescense of pure elemental energy is constant. It is believed that these two respectably, are the hottest and coldest places in all the world. The Heart of Stone is a cavern undoubtably in the Underdark I would say -though a few hold that it exists in The Abssal Labyrinth, under Panoceana. Lore says one will know it by the fact that abjuration magic is greatly augmented and that the entire area consists of only one kind of rock or earthen material of extraordinary purity, perhaps diamond. The Heart of Air may be an open space at the highest point in existance, on some mountain, in the open sky, or even far beyond in the void between Therafim and her moons. The powers each of them convey are varied- the ability to enhance cold or fire magic, the ability to convert any spell into an adamantine abjuration and,the ability to use any spell limited to touch at great distance. All of these powers may be granted for one year's time with the exception of The Heart of Air, whose power like the wind is fleeting and will last only for one moon.

The Terrible Cyst

The Abyssal Cyst, Matra's Wound, The Black Boil, The Infection, The Dark One's Rot, 'TheTerrible Cyst, or simply The Cyst. The land around it is said to be utterly corrupted, stone crumbles, metal rusts, and plants are become cancerous and warped, and water befouled. It is unknown exactly when or where it was first formed, but it is certain that is was created by the prescence of powerful demon perhaps even a demon prince or dark god, or the fall of a great being that was once of true virtue and light. It is a physical scar, a lesion on the land itself that bleeds nauseating power. Only an evil creature may claim this power, and it is said that The Cyst itself may even possess some inteligence, although it is unable to act on its own. This is believed to be the reason why it will accept only an evil creature. Whereas other places grant power to any number with a period in between each offering The Cyst is different. There can only be one. By force of will one draws The Cyst into ones own body where it fuses with the body and'' soul leaving no trace of its prescence on the land nor on the chosen. Using this power the chosen may smite the virtuous, or should one perish-give a pyrrhic victory to ones enemies. Should the chosen die The Cyst will instantly reform at the site of their death, indestructable, uncleansable, un-uprootable evil like no other. One would be a fool to slay a foe that was chosen of The Cyst, a carrier of that evil, in ones homeland. Albeit, just how far reaching the corruption of The Cyst is, is unknown -it may depend on its source origin.

Among its many names it is sometimes known as The Dark One's Rot, because it is believed that he may have created the first. It is unknown how many exist in our world, or the outer planes. There is legend of a great demon sent by The Dark One into our world in a long forgotten bid for power in the ancient past. When this demon was slain The Cyst was left behind, a curse on a land forgotten. A holy warrior sought to remove the taint, and when he learned that it could only be uprooted by one who was evil, sacrificed himself, giving his heart to darkness to become a suitable vessel for this power. Absorbing it into his body, The Fallen journeyed far leaving his loved ones and his people behind, seeking to die outside this world. It is said he became addicted to its power but recognized this before it was too late. Before he could be twisted fully into to a champion of ruin he commited suicide. He could not make the journey offworld- and so rather than die in The Abyss or some demiplane, he died on Therafim depositing The Cyst again. It is unkown where his grave is, but it is believed to be somewhere in the blasted wastes of The Godscar, The Abyssal Labyrith under Panoceana, or somewhere in the Underdark.

The Altar of Dreams

The Pool of Dreams, The Well of Dreaming Dark, The Nocnitsa's Glade, The Bog of Bad Dreams, or simply The Altar of Dreams. It is said that some pools might become infused with the pure essence of dreams. How is a mystery, it could be through great arcane magic, the power of the fey, or by spontaneous rends in the boundaries of mind and space.

All plants in the area are surrounded by mist, and there is a certain freshness felt by all. Those that sleep in its prescence are granted the ability to enter the dreams of others for one night, and may regain this power by doing so again. However-should one leave the site, one may never gain the power from that pool again. It is said that in hidden places, secret orders of mystics gather around such pools to study for decades or even a lifetime unwilling to leave. It is held also that somewhere in The Grim Marshes of The Shatterlands that such a pool might exist-formed from the magic pollution and alchemical refuse of the land. However, this pool in particular is also said to have become fouled by the very substances that formed it or the lingering emotional imprint of the lost cities said to have been devoured by the swamps. It is also said that another tained pool might exist in The Sorrowmarsh. Both are believed to be in the hands of dark fey or a mighty covey of Hags, or perhaps even guarded by a cult of The Father Styx. It is rumored they drown sacrificial victims in the mystical waters filling them to brim with fright. Their corruption is said to have turned them into something terrible, but that they are not beyond purification if the locations can be liberated.

The Necropolis of Dread

Many know of The Necropolis in The Sea of Dust, and the Undead Council that rules it. The chief gods there are The Night Dragon respected by all, and The Father Styx whose will is exacted by the Mummy Lords. However, there may be another Necropolis, or else a secret hidden within the city of the unliving. Through great slaughter, the will of truly potent undead, or perhaps a dark deity there came to be a black obelisk of great necromantic power. A great Necropolis was built around this obelisk. Any creature that approaches the obelisk is run through with icy spears of fear, and only one who can withstand this may approach close enough to taste its power. On those who worthy, for one year the spells they cast, spell like powers, and supernatural abilities are inhanced. Those who are not of the undead and still susceptible to fear gain a resilllience to it. The exact location of The Necropolis of Dread is unknown, were it The Necropolis itself it would be a hard secret to hide, but it is certain to be in the land of Crescent. It is believed to be in the hands of the cult of The Night Dragon or else The Father Styx, guarded by dracoliches or mummy lords -or seeing as the latter is willing to ally with many, it might be controlled jointly and protected by both. However, there are those that maintain that no one knows the location, and that it is still sought.

The Pool of Frozen Souls & The Everflame

Anywhere gates to the elemental plane of water have long remained open long enough,usually centuries a Pool of Frozen Souls might form. These pools always form within or near a large body of water, and while their waters are not magical, draining them will destroy them-making it one of the more easily destroyed places of power. The tempture in and around it is shockingly cold, and yet the waters never freeze. An ordinary man would surely die were he to enter the pool, but one of sufficient hardiness that can prove themselves by withstanding its abyssal chill without magical means will gain an innate resistance to cold of all kinds. It is believed that some of these gates exist on islands in Panoceana or in underwater caverns or grottoes that had undersea gates nearby.

An Everflame is a similar anomaly that might occur where there have been long standing gates to the elemental plane of fire, and might be used in a similar way, granting power to those who can brave the pain of the searing flames without magical protection. Both grant their powers to up to five individuals a year, lasting a year for each. Big Smoke Island in the lands of Hydra is known to have several planar breakthroughs, and so an Everflame might exist there.

The Dragonheart Tomb

Dragons are not immortal. Each dragon must die, or else seek undeath. When a truly powerful and ancient dragon dies, the cavern in which its bones have come to rest might be imbued with the power of its death. The air becomes chill and clammy, all vegetation withers away, and the darkness within threatens to swallow the light. Two individuals a year, simultaneously or seperately may absorb some of the areas potent necromantic power enhancing all spells within the school of Necromancy. These places are highly sought by Necromancers, and the cultists of The Night Dragon. It is said there is no Dragonheart Tomb on Therafim that is not guarded -but not always by those that seek to keep its power within an order. There are those that will fight with their lives to ensure that no one obtains its power, and that it never falls into the hands of those who would want to use it. It is unknown how many Dragonheart Tombs there are, or just where they are-but as this world was made by and for the dragons, and that this world has seen the pass of several ages, it is sure there are more than one might believe.

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From The Journal of Einengrau The Enlightened
(Fragment-A Personal Account)

It was more deafening on that river than in the heart of ten-thousand war drums. I had never seen a sky so fierce with thunder that gave not rain, but only more billowing cloud. It seemed to me that the flood gates of heaven were barred by deadbolt lightning. The sky was so fiery I was certain the rain was turned to steam before it could fall. As fearsome and threatening as the cloud was I hoped the floodgates would not give way, for not only would I stay dry but he would avoid the corrupted rains. Those so famous, or perhaps more accurately -infamous rains that periodically withered trees, proliferated the growth of pale grass and strange weeds, corroded everything, and gave curious rashes seen on the faces of old and young alike.

It was the result of natural pollution they said. Smoke from the slowly smoking vents in the the land often gave the sky an awful dun during the day as I had seen earlier, albeit, it gave also the most beautiful red sunsets as I had seen only an hour or so before. Such was the nature of The Shatterlands. On one side of the river, I could see the jagged rocks of the cliffs looming over me, like bony fingers of dark a hand that could seize me at any moment. Other than the lightning, only weak flashes of fire from somewhere within the dark, at their base gave any illumination. Ghastly blue corpse lightning. Malevolent red soul fire. Oh, but how much more I preferred the dark, darkness beyond blackest pitch. Leaning over the side of the boat, I tried to peer into the dark water, thick with the lands refuse destined for The Grim Marshes; To find solace in the void.
But I was seized suddenly, snatched from behind by an unseen hand. I flailed for a moment, then stopped abruptly when I saw the form the arm was attached to. It was the ferryman, who had picked me up on the other bank. He was an aged man, wrinkled , but not of such rugosity as to suggest he was ancient, like the men revered as sages. He was thin, and his ribs were showing in places, but his arms were still firm. He patted me on the shoulder and warned me not to fall in, but stopped abruptly to watch what passed in front of us. I followed his gaze. At first, seeing only the shape, I thought it was a few logs log rolling in the current , or perhaps an otter. But seeing the bloated bellies, the pale white flesh, the matted hair about the faces, I knew, they were bodies floating in the river. They stopped suddenly, catching on something we presumed, perhaps tangle in a bit of unseen line.
“…Again…”, the ferryman said, in his low raspy voice. “Any time before, I would have thought it was a boat wreck, or some unfortunate accident. But now my first thought, is that it must be, their work.”
I asked him just what he meant, whether he had seen this before to which he agreed. And when he did, a morbid and almost illicit curiosity arose in me, as did a gnawing fear. I couldnt help but ask who 'they' were.

. “…It all began several years ago. This section of the river and the peoples living around it were watched over by a tribe of aquatic elves. But that was before a sharp, though brief increase in the potency of alchemicals and magical pollution-although a few believe it actually washed back upstream from The Grim Marshes. Sickened, some believe the elves fled, while others think that they wiped out. For a while people began to starve, began to die, the newborn children were born dead or disfigured. Then it got worse. Some thing came to some of us, to fill the void the elves had left…came with promises of bringing a few shriveled fish or the like every day, enough to keep a man and his family alive, and perhaps more. Whatever they are, they live on death, and wish us to die, but not all to die -for if all were dead, there would be none left to fear. No more souls to lie awake at night. All they said they wanted, was to give up our own, give them to the river and to keep the waste flowing-or so I've heard. Its supposed to be rumor, story, but I believe it. I dont understand all that's happening to us and many dont know or wont believe there's a 'happening' at all. There are people that do. The thing is- those that do are apart of the problem.”
It was clear the villages around had fallen to some dark influence, I was not surprised as such things happen all over the world each and every day-I've come to accept that. The two of us didnt think much of it when one of the bodies dissapeared beneath the surface, but when a second suddenly sank or what we feared-that it was pulled below we both jumped. Then we saw her. Or it. And then my heart sank too. A woman broke the surface, clinging now to one of the deceased. He thought they were a survivor, a lady in the water to be pulled free. Only I knew the truth, only I understood all that was happening. I was sure of it then, absolutely sure, as sure as I've ever been. The old man leaned out over the side, calling to her and reaching out a hand-fool. Ignorant old fool, as if he couldnt see the trap? Or maybe he did see it, maybe he was one of those people that was 'apart of the problem' like he'd alluded to. He had to be. Fortunately he gave me an opening to put a knife in his back. I grabbed him by the leg and pulling up on it, managed to flip him out of the boat and into the water without capsizing the tiny craft. A necessary sacrifice. I could only hope it would be pleased with one more corpse, satisfied with my abject terror and not so greedy as to delight in torturing my mind as they had many times before.

Murder stunned, I felt as though innumerable icy knives danced about in my insides. I began to feel strange, odd sweat forcing itself from my every pore. It was a weighty, deep red, almost black like pooling blood. Black body-breakdown, inner red–ache, violet sorrow-squall, a prismatic spray of scintillating colors and sensations flowed through my nerves. Through it all I paddled as hard as I could, absolutely frantic. As I approached the shore, my cold feeling turned to devil-chills and my tremble grew into a full body-quake. Retching like a demoniac I collapsed, leaning over the side of the boat, heaving up something darker than devilfish ink. Almost as black as the dirty waters, I would fall into. Waters that would burn my eyes, and the back of his throat, and leave lesions all over me. Those wounds would itch, and some of them would scar. But none of them would be as bad as the marks that didn’t show, that couldn't be seen. The ones that would keep me up at night, twisting and writhing, peeling my own skin, but never allowing escaping from my fleshy prison.

From The Journal of Einengrau The Enlightened
(Fragment- An Unnamed Servitor Race)

In the weed choked marshes; in the brackish bogs; in the secluded lakes; in the briny seas -in the lightless, airless abyss that takes up the majority of the world, are secrets. Hidden, forbidden, unholy places and best forgotten things. It is unfortunate that all too often these things are preserved by these places and not more speedily decayed. In my many years of adventuring, I have uncovered too many things. My mind reels with conflict, and I must admit mortals greatest blessing is that their minds cannot correlate all of their contents-for if they could, I would be subject to untold revelations from which the only escape would be total dissolution.

One thing I have come to understand is that there is so much more evil done than we know. Much of it occurs beneath our feet in the underdark, but even more in the depths of Ocean. What evil, what machinations? It is the unspeakable. But for better or perhaps for worse, this evil is not the unnamable. To whom do we attribute these things? Devils. Demons, like Dagon and Demogorgan lords of the Shadow Sea. And also Dark Deities whose cults have as much or more influence in this world-and not just the ones everyone knows either.

There are others.

One of them is The Nightmare King, The Lord of The Styx, The Terrible Old Man, The Fisher of Men. He is master of the river- he IS the river that carves its way through all of the lower planes, is home to living nightmares, is claimer of all souls that perish below the surface or die on His banks. He is the twlilight of civilization and the he silence when all else is gone. I know him. We all do. When one awakes short of breath, drenched in a cold sweat as if by ocean spray or come in from a heavy rain -one has met him. An unfortunate few like myself have come to know him better in ways that cannot be described, and through methods that I shall not mentioned. For to write of such things would be doing his work. I intend this to be a way to inform, a way to warn, not to be a gateway. I will be no architect of his schemes, although I fear that someone who reads this will let their curiosity get the best of them.

The Old Man usually keeps his temples hidden away in the depths. These places serve as repositories for a wealth of forbbidden lore gathered from all over the world. Of course, not everything under the water or under the earth is belongs to him. There are many a drowned abbey, sunken city, or ruins of a lost civilization whose secrets he covets-for no god is omniscient. To gain all this he sends his clergy, but as or more often he also sends unwitting fools to obtain it for him. But how might he draw them to his service? Who or what serves as librarian in the fane of forgotten lore?

Every deity has their favored servitors. A pragmatic one, and having influence over a wide number of territories on other planes, his reach allows him to call in favors from many Outsiders. On the Prime his followers are made up of a diverse array aquatic races-save the elves. That doesnt mean The Old Man would refuse the service of such if they sought him out , but none can be apart of his clergy. He holds no enmity for them, but does not have as much use or interest in those that cannot sleep, those who do not dream. Oh, how I wish I was among one of those races now! They are beyond his influence for the most part, he and his servitors cannot use the dreamscape as medium to implant ideas, gain information, or communicate, and even kill.

Among his servitors, the merfolk are no exception. However to me there seems to be particular breed that follows his will. Although it is hard to say what they really are, whether they are corrupt merfolk made into something else, or whether they are merfolk at all. Should you see a mermaiden come up from the deep one night beware she does seduce you, for if she is amongst His Witches you will never know your end! Keep a sharp eye and note that they are different-beware the terrible teeth behind her painted lips, the hungry eyes, the shiny oily skin, and the sharp rending nails often accompanied with long arms and strong fingers. There bodies are not long and sinuous enough to slither like a Marilith or a Noble Lamia, and so to move on the land they drag themselves aided by their strong arms and a thin layer of slime moving far faster than typical merfolk are known. One might believe themselves to be safe a short distance away, but it is not beyond there abilities to suddenly charge and grab hold, although a man could outrun them if his mind were not clouded by supernatural powers, nor were he stunned by sonic or electricital magic. They seem to hold the typical female merfolk form, but they are far from such-their appearance is a lie although more than an illusion, what I believe to be some form altering ability that lasts until they are completley submerged. In Aqua Veritas! For this reason they come up only during the night. The forms I have seen revealed are not wholly different, but they are either so bizarre and otherworldly so as to make me suspect they are among the abberant or so vile and corrupted to make me think them the unliving. Perhaps both varieties exist, or perhaps they are neither abberation nor undead.

A sahuagin or a kuo-toa might serve a variety of purposes within a cult of Dagon for example, but they are limited in their inteligence and are repulsive and mistrusted by most land dwelling or sea faring civilizations. Like a succubus a mermaids form promises exotic pleasures, but also seems nonthreatening. Like succubi, a mermaid too makes for a fine bard. Its all too easy for one to act friendly and attract a lonely fisherman, a few on a shore or a bank, or men aboard a ship at anchor promising to entertain them or tell them a tale. They seek to do more than inspire physical lust-there is an illicit thrill in uncovering secrets too. Man is not content to allow a mystery to go unsolved or uninvestigated. Scholarly men like myself are not their only victims, for othermen may be lured not by the promise of forbidden lore, but long forgotten treasures. Unknowingly one can be easily used The Old Man to uncover many secrets and material wealth for his cult-consumed by lust or mammon, but also in dealing with these pretenders one might be consumed by them! They may consume the flesh of any animal, but truly enjoy its blood, with a strong preference for warm blooded creatures-especially sapient ones who can experience more than simple animal fear. Should you encounter one of these creatures, and it is within your means-slay it and do not let it escape. For if one should one remember you, it is likely you shall be haunted. Her visage and her words, and her offerings will persist in your mind long after she is gone and woe to you if they have been offended or see you as an enemy when you have allowed them to know you too well! Keep everything, and give them no tokens or personal effects, nor accept anything they give you. It seems to me that Dream, Dreamcasting, and Nightmare at least are amongst there magical talents, but I would not be surprised if there were many more. Pray you have a strong will and are not so worn as I, verrily gnawed from years of delving into that which we were never meant to know.

My night terrors are relentless, always they call me to black seas and brackish waters. It seems to me they never far away, and even inland in land locked territory where I might escape Ocean there is the lake, the bog, or the fen, and avoiding those there is always the infinite sea of dreams in my head. Of all the mysteries I have solved, I have not answered exactly what these maidens really are or where they come from, how they are made. However, a recurring image from my dreams disturbs me-I envision one of these creatures grown to great power, bloated and warped into some THING that should not be. It has many tentacles as if it were a krakken, or perhaps bonded with such as only fleshcrafters can do. Though I see the same helpless people grasped in her tendrils, taken into her form I have the sense they are not brutally crushed-no sweet death, but something far worse that I am fortunate not to comprehend. There is a voice whispering a hidden song, hideous verse that sings , 'Ydra'. It echoes through my mind and I must question whether this is a name to be put to this thing or the entire species, or even a place. I must also question whether all of them have the potential to become such things, whether it is a unique case, or if it may be the first the mother of these abominations. I do not know if my battered mind will hold out to find the truth-in honesty, I do not know if I will search for the answer. That's probably just what The Old Man wants me to do.

(vvv NSFW vvv)

Ydra The Dream Witch

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I have some user generated from the "New" Old Boards that if worthy I would like to see considered for Setting.

In addition:

1. Matra/Frenzy Issue

If you notice….

does not appear that Frenzy is amongst the New Deities -which suddenly leads me to believe it got the axe.

And yet its clearly still apart of some lore:

Its mentioned that Frenzy was something Matra was supposed to replace, but also that its a 'twisted side of matra'.

As a thought, I like the concept of Frenzy -and so I say that either

A) Fenris should replace all references to it; evil druids still need something to worship.


B) Frenzy concept should be retained, but added into the Matra article, and rather than something Matra was meant to replace, it should in fact be apart of matra, a sort of mental schism -two gods that are in fact the same god, two aspects of nature in a sort of dualism. As a god it has the same domains, its just a more desrtuctive rather than creative avatar for Matra worshiped more by evil and good -WITHOUT actually being evil itself technically.

2. The fluff does support that some warlocks may get their power from non-fiendish sources like the fey. In 3.5 they say that their power comes from a supernatural bloodline, possibly from some sort of pact made by their ancestors. 4e leavs the bloodline power theme to Sorcerer and plays up the pact aspect with each warlock making the pact themselves (Infernal/Dark/Fey/Star pacts) with a particular vague source of a specific origin, but not a specific individual to gain their warlock powers. All warlock powers are classified into one of the four types, and while a 4e warlock gains a Pact Boon from their chosen pact, they are restricted to only taking powers from their chosen pact.

Now-people say that Warlocks are demonic, but really going by ability names like "Hellrime", "Hellspawned Grace", "Devils Sight", "Brimstone Blast", "Hellfire" they seem to have more of a ….Hellbent. (pun intended).But certainly some abilities like Witchwood Step, Warlock's Charm and the confusion abilities, as well as Nightmares Made Real can be interpreted though a fey lens -but other sources too if you like. Wheras all spells have standardized names and are recognized by the magic community, spell like abilities are abilities that are only comparable to known spells. It stands to reason that not all Warlocks would refer to their powers by the same names due to their origins, as well as personal preference. Individual warlocks may not give names to their powers at all.The Hellfire Warlock PrC has a distinct infernal theme. But what about alternatives? Rather than hombrewing anything silly, its a simple matter of adding to the Fluff of the therafim world to diversify the PrC, while expanding on the worldbuilding aspect of the PrC. So I propose-

Hellfire Warlock (Infernal Power)
Soulfire Warlock (Abyssal Power) Derived this name from the self destructive 'Soul Fire' energy used by Solamiths
Witchfire Warlock (Dark Fey Power) Thought about Faerie Fire, but thats already the name of a spell
Starfire Warlock (Abberant/Far Realm/Old One/Elder Power)

Each one WORKS EXACTLY THE SAME MECHANICALLY and CAN ALL be added to Hellfire Warlock PrC page. ITS ALL ONE PrC, but THE ONLY THING that makes these alternatives different is the fluff surrounding them, each one represents a pact with a different power greater than oneself. While Therafim's fluff is closer to 3.5 warlock, in my mind the PrC however very much represents a pact forged with some power. PrCs are generally not something you're born or forced into, but something a character must choose to become quite deliberately. NOT that it means you always have to choose the same PrC flavor as the origin of your powers. Maybe you're a thematically "Feylock" from your origins or birth, but you went through the rituals to make a bargain/pact of sorts with Infernal powers later in life to go into the PrC. Or vice versa.

Note-although the 3 additional examples above are certainly enough, for whatever reason 'Ghoulfire' strikes me as cool sounding. Albeit, undead dont have con scores and cant take con damage, so they have no life to give in exchange. Although…if there were some potent undead power to make a pact with, I can see them wanting mortal life/con energy to feed on. Although theres no general undead group-Falazure is the undisputed dragon god of undeath and according to our fluff all necromancers pay some lip service to him. Perhaps he could grant Ghoulfire to warlocks, which among them would be known colloqially as "The Breath of The Night Dragon" or "Falazure's Fire".

3. 'Playing Gods' or 'The Creation of Monsters'

Constructs are man-made creatures, but there are also many other creatures that can be made, including magical beasts, undead and other things as well. Can we make an official list of approved creatures or their templates complete with the sources in which they are found (if outside the SRD), should people desire to create them? Can any character know how to create them, or will we establish prerequisites as to knowledge ranks, or lvl or something else? Would any of them require very special secret or 'forbidden' lore to learn how to create?


Bloodfire Ooze MM IV p. 19
Requires a magic "ritual" to create, requires 24 hour casting time.
-Cauldron inscribed with runes 3000gp reusable
-Full Blood of (1) Demon of 10+ HD
-Blood of (100) Good or Neutral Aligned humanoids

Spellstitched Undead Template CArc p. 162-addable to ANY corporeal undead Undead can cast spells up to a certain lvl and gains a # of spells known of each level it can cast (comparable Sorcerer) based on the Creatures wisdom score (There is a chart), up to a maximum of 2 spells known from levels 1-5 and 1 6th lvl spell known.Spells MUST be selected from Necromancy, Evocation, or COnjuration school. The creatures HD is used as its Caster level. Also gains +2 to all saves, +2 Turn Resistance that stacks with existing TR and gains DR based on HD.

-500xp PER point of Wisdom the Original Creature had.

Necrosis Carnex MM IV p. 105
A Caster of 11th lvl can create one using "Animate Dead". Used this way Animate Dead will require 10 minutes to cast.
Animate dead normally only allows the creation of Zombies & Skeletons, but as noted in the Blood Hulk Entry of MMIV, it can be used to make other things the Carnex in addition to the Blood Hulk is another example. (The Dead Walk is as the spell Animate Dead, but requires an optional 50gp/HD for an undead to exist permanently. Can the warlock invocation be used in substitution?)
-Cold Iron Bands worth 200gp
-3 corpses of Medium size

Plague Walker MM IV p. 19
Can be made by any 6th lvl or higher arcane or divine caster that can also cast necromancy spells (none in particular).
-Corpses of 4 Medium Creatures (2 small = 1 medium; 1 large =2 medium)
- 800gp in Unholy Water
-2 days of Prayer

"Ya can hoot, ya can holla-make any noise ya like! But if ya cant chant, oh if ya cant chant, well…ya no cult o' mine!"
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"Congratulations, you can link to TV Tropes. This does not mean you have special insight into the storytelling process, much less the author's mind. Stories don't need to fit into neat boxes, you know.

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The Two-Edged Sword
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"Ya can hoot, ya can holla-make any noise ya like! But if ya cant chant, oh if ya cant chant, well…ya no cult o' mine!"
~Ishkokum Mes Mosof She'res~
"Congratulations, you can link to TV Tropes. This does not mean you have special insight into the storytelling process, much less the author's mind. Stories don't need to fit into neat boxes, you know.

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