The Great Wolf, Chainbreaker

Symbol: A broken chain
Home Plane: Ysgard
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Portfolio: Wild canids, survival, cold, the hunt, freedom
Worshipers: Wolfen, intelligent canids, barbarians, those desperate for survival
Cleric Alignments: CG, N, CN, CE
Domains: Balance, Animal, Hunger, Winter, Moon
Favored Weapon: War axe (same as dwarven war axe)

Fenris was a wild creature who the gods once tried to contain for fear that he would devour them. But with the coming of Matra he was freed and given a place among the gods, becoming their equal instead of their opponent through the intervention of the Great Mother. The mighty Fenris takes the form of a massive, lean and feral winter wolf of enormous proportions, constantly roving over the coldest, most forbidding and dangerous wastes of the battling lands of Ysgard, sweeping the landscape with eyes like two great silver moons.

The world is a dangerous, hostile place filled with foes that desire to end your life. The only way to survive is to be more dangerous than those who would strike you down, and this is more easily accomplished by banding together with trusted allies, though one should always be ready to stand and survive alone in those times when everything goes wrong. This basic philosophy allows for a great deal of latitude in the attitudes of Fenris’ followers, ranging from near-mindless savages who loot and pillage as they go, to stalwart and brave hunter-gatherer societies who stand fiercely and united against some of the most dangerous creatures on the planet.

The clergy of Fenris are a part of the savage cultures which worship him most, and are chosen from the most intelligent and visionary of the many disparate tribes. While they are a part of the people from which they come, Fenris’ clerics are also united by a common bond with the Great Wolf, forming a part of his Divine Pack, and so are able to reason together despite differences in culture and alignment or even race. Usually Fenris’ clerics will be able to reason with each other and settle any difficulties between tribes without bloodshed in all but the most extreme cases, though even then the clerics will not fight each other, acknowledging Fenris as their alpha, and the final decider of any conflicts between them. Temples of Fenris tend to be large wooden lodges that are sometimes flooded with hallucinogenic smoke by his clergy to induce divine visions, or used as sweat houses for ritual cleansing. Sometimes, though, they are circles of rough-hewn stone, erected beneath the open sky, where meetings between different groups can take place in safety.

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