False Hope

DM Name: Ventalio

Kaellack Rogue 1/Swordsage 2
Myrixa Beguiler 2
Rhine Barbarian 1
Shalya Eveningstar Swordsage 2/Cleric 3
Silya Knight 1

Corpse Rat swarm (CR4)
Raiment (CR1)
Large Raiment and Spectral Lyrist (CR 7)
Total CR

Kaellack: 860 XP
Myrixa: 1050 XP
Rhine: 1050 XP
Shalya: 860 XP
Silya: 1050 XP

1518 gp each
1 medal of service each

While our heroes were browsing wares at the marketplace one afternoon, a scream split the air. Our adventurers were quick to check on the source of the apparent cry for help, when the door suddenly opened on it's own, and a swarm of disease-ridden rat corpses poured forth! Acting quickly, they quickly bashed and smashed the bloated, diseased undead beasts, while Shalya and Kaellack leapt into the building to find the source of the crying!
The others quickly finished off the undead swarm, and followed the others upstairs. The crying was coming from a cabinet in an upstairs living quarters. Upon opening the cabinet, they discovered a crying little girl, as Darrion arrived for backup from the city guard. When Rhine tried to reach in to help the girl, the garments in the back of the closet attacked him! Our heroes quickly shredded the animated clothing, but upon doing so, the bedsheets rose up in protest, smashing Rhine viciously!
Our heroes struggled against the unholy bed-monster, and the little girl, who had hidden behind Shalya for safety, suddenly reached forward, trying to drain her life-force! However, Shalya sensed the attack, and dodged the spectral touch! Diving into the floor, the girl disappeared, as Darrion's arrows shredded the evil sheets…
The group headed downstairs to find the spirit, who had sneakily hidden in the floor. The spirit lunged at Myrixa, draining her force of will! Lunging for another draw of her essence, the spirit was unable to draw her will again. Heading for another target, the spirit was cornered by our adventurers, but their weapons did not seem to harm it! Lunging for her prey eagerly, she was unable to find purchase…
Suddenly, everyone's weapons seemed to catch hold on her spectral form, and ripped her immaterial body to shreds! The threat ended, the party was able to collect a reward from the city guard.

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