Eye Tyrant In The Big City

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Belle, level 3 human monk/ardent
Kaellack, level 2 human rogue/swordsage
Telsia, level 2 lapid beastfolk
Cordy, level 4 elf cleric
Myrixa, level 2 aranthi beguiler
Kiefer, level 1 equitra barbarian
Shalya, level 4 elf swordsage/cleric/bard

CR 6 - 1 gauth and 5 ghouls.
CR 2 - Acid gas trap.
CR 3 - Crushing walls trap.

Cordy and Shalya: 550 xp
All others: 600 xp

750 gp each

Quest Summary:
The party discovered an upswelling of creatures from the Underdark who had slipped through the Undercity while the Dark God had the city's forces otherwise occupied. In this case, a band of ghouls led by a gauth beholderkin had set up shop in a local mansion, taking the residents prisoner, as future slaves and/or snacks. While the party wasn't in time to save the owner of the house, they saved his family and servants, and handily bested the deadly foes from the depths.

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