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Evangeline's Theme
Evangeline's Theme II

Countless hearts have fallen, hard to number
Damnation's whore, is looking for, a victim tonight
With an angry soul, and a wicked design


She appears as a voluptuous woman with flesh colored akin to congealed blood, waist length black hair, honed black nails on hand and foot, and subtle features that were she human-would be indicative of some Crescenti or Bazrami blood; albeit, this might only be so because she read her consorts mind, and knew what he liked. Her most distinguishing feature are her ghostly white eyes with a film of ever changing chaotic swirls of color like oil on water. Her gaze has been shown to mesmerize mortals, as well as place or rouse them from a dreamless sleep or unconsciousness; so potent was this power that even the iron will of an Arch-Warlock strained to its limits could not resist her. Clothing is like "being in chains" to her (and not in the 'fun' way), and so she is always nude, garbing only in illusion when it pleases those she is with or as part of a disguise.


Evangeline, a former succubus slave, served The Dark One for untold ages. She loathed her bondage, but found a measure of freedom in The Dark One's recent plans for Avalon. While she did not participate in the siege on Avalon, she and her six "sisters" were involved in the Ravaging of The Seven. Evangeline and her sisters were sent to collect, corrupt, and copulate with their targets to produce Half-Fiends from the most powerful warriors of the world. They were to be instructed by their mortal parents in their individual skills, and lead their fiend bretheren in The Dark One's ongoing campaign on Therafim. How they were to carry out the task was left to them and their individual styles. The fact that she was paired with Necromancer, Demonologist, and Black-Loremaster Tammuz Talwar-Kadath who already lead a life on a left-hand path made it easy to skip the "foreplay" (Torture, death threats on friends & family, mind-rape,) and cut to the chase.

Tammuz, though he dissaproved of his guilded prison, was treated considerably better than his fellows and found his captor to his liking: Amoral and deviant enough to make things "interesting", indepedent and spirited enough to have dreams of her own, and manipulative enough to get what she wanted, as well as make any man question whether he was acting out of his free will. For Evangeline, being with the warlock was the most "impulsive and selfish" she'd been allowed to act in a very long time. Tammuz, taking a personal interest in their well being, agreed to educate his spawn-but also to free her from her servitude. Evangeline didnt pretend they would be exclusive, but as part of the new forged bond between them, she made him promise out of love (or jealousy) never to sire a child with another fiend or else she would hunt them down and kill mother and child.

With the failure to take Avalon, the other prisoners having been freed by a traitor in his ranks, and wanting to avoid a breach of his Abyssal stronghold by a return party- The Dark One ordered Evangeline to return with Tammuz to the Prime before anyone could rescue him. She planeshifted under her own power from The Abyss into the wilds of Summer country. Evangeline spent her time stalking game and wild animals (even bears), and killing them with only her claws (or so she says), driven by the need to consume organic material in her pregnancy. If this is true, then she is possesed of far greater strength and durability than her body would suggest, or perhaps a more "true" form that remains a mystery.

Seeing how attached she had become to Tammuz, The Dark One placed her in the "care" of an advanced Chain Devil for re-education. Tammuz had been unable to contact her, until his scrying happened to catch her in an improperly warded area during one of her "lessons". At this same time, he had been investigating House Delacourte which had been fought over by the Abyssal Cults and the Diabolic Societies. It was a particularly valuable "territory" for Devil Prince Abigor, who ultimately lost the struggle. Abigor contacted him, knowing he was already involved, and asked him to remove them. Tammuz knew Abigor was a great general of hell, and leader of their campaign against demonic influence on Therafim. Seeing as prior to his scrying he had seen Evangeline on the Prime, he suspected Abigor's men had unwittingly taken her. He questioned the Prince on these matters, while veiling his true motives. He said a pregnant succubus key to The Dark One's plans was missing for many months now, and that if it were ever found Abigor's men were involved blame would roll uphill. It would be in his best interest to ensure that he was not unknowingly keeping her amongst his prisoners.

"But I know your kind keeps such meticulous records-so wont you look into it for me? And even if they dont exist, some Devil has her. It might be to your advantage to learn which one."

As it would turn out such a captive did exist, although not in Abigor's dungeons, but another Devil he knew. A Devil that owed him several large favors. Abigor informed Tammuz of the full state of affairs, and would ensure that the chain devil conveniently "lost" his prisoner without any harm comming to her, and all Tammuz had to do for him was what he was doing on his own anyway. To ensure his success Abigor gave him The Wages of Sin, a demonic artifact the Diabolists had managed to steal before being ousted.

Tammuz had already invested many resources into his investigations, but carrying out Abigor's mission would take much more than even he had. He was unable to acquire adaquate help until House Delacourt put its plans into motion, and the sun over Avalon was blacked out for two days. While it was rather "late" Tammuz was pleased that all of it was free. What was more…House Delacourte had come under the influence of a single cult in the months that passed, that of The Dark One. By the end of it all, he (and others) had gained the recognition of the city, the gratitude of The House for rescuing Urian Delacourte from demonic possession, and plundered the temple of The Dark One (making it Tammuz's 3rd)-but only Tammuz recieved:

Evangeline lives with him and their daughter Neelam in the trade district, at 177 Bleecker Street On the corner. The people that work there currently believe she was rescued in the aftermath of The Two Days of Darkness, and was held captive by The Dark One's cult there for many months after being raped by a demon. They believe Tammuz took her in, and that she became his wife.

She wears a silver bichiya set given to her by Tammuz. Each one is engraved on the outside with a short message that loops around.

"Forty Abyssal Nights Beyond BelieF"(Left)
"Never will I Sleep Like That AgaiN" (Right)

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Note-Evangeline is her favorite name. It's just one of many names she's used. The name she was given by The Dark One made men bleed out of every orifice. She has knowledge of The Dark Speech, and has offered to teach it to mortals-Tammuz being one of them.

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