Egg Hunt (Roc)

DM: Nicole Valentine

Dakheel, Level 11, Psion/Crystal Master
Gabriel Aldrecen, Level 11, Warblade
Lucius, Level 8, Wizard
Tammuz, Level 8, Warlock
Tonia, Level 10, CLeric
Villan, Level 7, Swordsage

2 Tylor: CR 7
2 Roc: CR 11
2 Ropers: CR 14

Dakheel: 4,675
Gabriel: 4,675
Lucius: 9,333
Tammuz: 9,333
Tonia: 5,833
Villan: 9,333

6,666 gold from the sale of the 8 eggs
Dakheel: Witchlight reservoir - small crystal Magic Item Compendium pg66
Dakheel: 5PP Cognizance Crystal Magic Item Compendium pg154
Gabe: Helm of comprehend languages and read magic Dungeon Masters Guide pg259
Gabe: Gauntlet of Gruumsh Magic Item Compendium pg101
Lucius: Gloves of flame Magic Item Compendium pg105
Lucius: D260 Ioun stone, incandescent blue sphere
Tammuz: Sleeping spike - twisted piece of root Magic Item Compendium pg185 (bonus item)
Tammuz: Deathstrike bracers Magic Item Compendium pg93
Tammuz: +2 Full Plate Dungeon Masters Guide
Tonia: +1 Light Mace, Spell Storing Dungeon Masters Guide
Tonia: +1 Heavy Steel Shield, Arrow Catching Dungeon Masters Guide
Villan: +2 Scimitar Dungeon Masters Guide
Villan: Ghost shroud Magic Item Compendium pg104

The day finds each member of the group in the bazaar of Avalon City, each for their own purpose. Above them flies a Griffin and his rider, coming to land at Eccentric Ernie's Exotic Emporium. As they began to watch the spectacle another one emerged from the back of the crowd. A man claiming that a massive birdlike creature had taken his wife Sara was crying out for assistance to anyone who would listen.

The group quickly agreed to go to the aid of the woman and Eccentric Ernie agreed to speed along their journey by allowing them the use of his winged mounts.

They found themselves on a mountain range and as they ventured forth to rescue Sara they stepped into an open range, and into the direct eye sight of 2 creatures creatures that looked like a cross between a wingless dragon and a monstrous crocodile. The heads and necks were those of a dragon while the bodies were low and flat to the ground with a lumpy ridge down each spine that extended out into wicked blade like tails.

As a true team, the group managed to take down one while the other was immobilized, as they left the creature in peace it began to charge once more, screaming it's protest at the loss of it's mate. Dakheel managed to hold it off until it understood it was in a battle it could not win and went back to mourn her mate in solitude.

Continuing their journey they made their way up the side of the mountain to a cave that had been spotted. The entrance littered with crushed bones as far as the eye could see. Thanks to a direct revelation from Tamara, Tonia was able to successfully lead the group to the cavern where the woman lay being eating piece by piece by the larger of the two Rocs, his feathers jet black. During the fierce battle, Dakheel managed to destroy one's mind enough as it flew in the air that it fell down the side of the cliffs face, but not before shaking the cavern hard enough to drop two stalagmites. The other in her fury, lifted her great red feathered body into the air with Gabe in it's grasp, dropping him from 80 feet above. Lucius managed to save his life with a dimensional doorway and as Dakheel held the creature immobilized the others were able to put her out of her misery.

As they moved to assist the woman, Tonia and Dakheel found themselves roped in by the living stalagmites. Lucius used his magic to switch Villan with Dakheel, his reward was a mind attack by Dakheel intended for the creatures. Dakheel repaid this by allowing Lucius to steal some of his life force. The battle continued, with Lucius turning into a fire elemental. The group managed, to end the foul creatures.

They called upon the riders to return them to Avalon City as agreed upon along with the eggs which they sold for a nice profit to Eccentric Ernie.

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