E Rules

Warning: These rules are considered to be "Only By Consent". Meaning that if you use a spell from this spell list another player that has never consented to these rules before has the option to say that they do not consent to it and the spell will fizzle.

This is Therafim's collection of erotic rules, or, euphemistically, "E Rules," the rules for the naughty side of roleplaying. While most of these rules are intended primarily for use in private scenes and special types of adventures, creative players might find applications for these rules elsewhere. However, all of these rules should be considered optional, and if a given Dungeon Master for an adventure does not want them used, they should not be used. These rules were taken and adapted freely from The Book of Unlawful Carnal Knowledge, a free Internet guide, The Book of Erotic Fantasy, put out by the Valar Project, and Naughty and Dice, written and distributed by Christine and Tim Morgan.

An important note: all of these spells, magic items, and special abilities require Out Of Character permission before they can be used to influence any sort of In Character roleplaying situation. Please play responsibly and safely. If no OOC permission has been given to do something, then it can be assumed that it simply does not happen, the spell fizzles, the magic items fails, and so forth, and any effects can be ignored or retroactively worked out accordingly. Consent is essential before any of this sort of play is allowed to take place, and this includes the use of these rules in adventures.

E Equipment

Magic items and normal equipment based on the e-rules primarily use the spells listed below, in the E Spells section, to accomplish their abilities. As a general rule, since E Items are usually intended for roleplaying purposes only, they do not count against the magic item limit of a given character.

Additionally, there are two entries for prices for each erotic magic item. The first, listed in parentheses, is the "actual" cost, or what the normal rules for creating magic items would cause the magic item to be worth. The second is the "market" cost of the magic item, or what it would actually cost to purchase the item. This second cost is usually much less than the normal cost, usually 10% of the "actual" cost, because the potent creative magics of Therafim make it much easier and cheaper to create such magic items, including a reduced experience point cost. This makes it easier for characters to acquire erotic magic items.

These are also only a few example items, of a great number that are possible using the rules and spells above, including one-shot versions of several items listed below. Please feel free to work out your own items and post them as possible.

E Feats & Skills

These feats and skills are intended to bring potential e-play into both social as well as combat situations. Those who take these feats often work to turn their bodies into deadly weapons, though in a very different way from any monk. The skills listed are considered normal subskills of the Knowledge and Perform skill, as appropriate, and can be selected accordingly.

E Spells

Spells listed as “Erotic” are available to any spellcasting class that does not disallow their use due to philosophical reasons. If a spellcasting class does not have access to 0-level spells, but has no philosophical objections to the use of the spells in question, then these spells count as 1st level spells for that class instead.

It is perfectly acceptable for a given class to find one spell acceptable and another spell unacceptable, rather than having to accept an all-or-nothing approach to Erotic spells. For instance, both a paladin from a celibate order and a lecherous bard might use "Repair Virginity" to preserve a princess' reputation in a society where such things matter. However, the paladin would likely do so so as to prevent a pretender to the throne from discrediting the princess' virtue after an unfortunate accident, while the bard very likely might have been the one to use an "Arousal" spell to help get the princess into bed in the first place.

Pregnancy Rules

Pregnancy is a natural result of sex. However, because pregnancy can be such a great change in the life of a PC, great care should be taken in deciding whether to even use these rules.

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