Duergar (Gray Dwarf)

Duergar, also known as Gray Dwarves, are a subterranean race, closely related to Dwarves and Devils, that carve out their existence in the Underdark, often near volcano strongholds, they are akin to surface Dwarves in a manner similar to how Drow are to surface Elves

Physical Description:

Like their Dwarven brethren, Duergar are typically stocky figures, though beyond this there are many differences. Both male and female duergar are typically bald, with females also lacking the capacity to grow facial hair. When they are not bald, however, Duergar grow spiny quills like those of a porcupine rather than typical hair, both along their scalp and in their beards.

Averaging 4 feet tall, Gray Dwarves weigh nearly as much as an adult Human. While other Dwarves tend to be round-bodied and stoutly muscled, Duergar are wide of shoulder but wiry and lean, their limbs corded with tough muscle. The skin of a Gray Dwarf is light or dark gray, and their eyes are dull black.

About Duergar:

Duergar are, as a whole, generally cruel and malevolent creatures, but as in most evil races this is as much a cultural affectation as a psychological trait. The Duergar were once a settlement of Dwarves. Their strongholds that fell under attack of Mind Flayers, or Illithids, and were captured. During their captivity, which lasted for generations, the Illithids performed many cruel and unusual experiments on the dwarves. It was during this harsh period in their history that the Duergar, desperate and believing that Moradin had abandoned them, turned to the worship of devils, cementing their ties to the fiends and eventually even taking on some of the devils' blood. Eventually, the resulting race rose up against their captors and gained their freedom from the Mind Flayers. Now the Duergar inhabit the Underdark and have been left as cruel and evil as their captors and bitterly withdrawn as a result of their experiences.

The Duergar alternate between working in concert with the Drow and being at odds with them, as the Drow believe themselves superior even to the Duergar. They have a deep-seated grudge against other Dwarves due to their exile from their midst and legends stating that the rest of Dwarvenkind abandoned the Duergar to Illithid rule thousands of years ago.


  • +2 Constitution, -2 Charisma. Duergar are extremely withdrawn and guarded.
  • Darkvision up to 120 feet.
  • Immune to paralysis, phantasms, and magical or alchemical poisons (but not normal poisons). Duergar acquired immunity to some illusions and many toxic substances during their servitude to the Mind Flayers
  • +4 racial bonus on Move Silently and Hide checks at night or underground. Gray Dwarves excel in stealthy movement and taking advantage of the darkness they dwell in.
  • Spell-Like Abilities: 1/day—Enlarge person and Invisibility as a wizard of the Duergar's level. These affect only the Duergar and whatever it carries.
  • Light Sensitivity: Duergar suffer a -1 circumstance penalty to attack rolls, saves, and checks in bright sunlight or within the radius of a daylight spell.
  • Automatic Languages: Giant, Undercommon. Bonus Languages: Common, Draconic, Goblin, Infernal, Wildlander, Terran.
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