Dragons Of Therafim

Io, the One, is the god that created Bahamut and Tiamat, and these two were at first lovers, and then fighters - a divine dysfunctional, codependent relationship. The struggles of this pair, in both sex and fighting, created the Morrigan, deity of conflict, and also Therafim itself, a world forged in creation and destruction, as a place where this conflict could continue. Thus, dragons are the first children of Therafim, and also its creators.

Dragons on Therafim are creatures of overwhelming awe, and even the smallest of them has a divine spark that will cause all but the most banal to take notice. However, only a few dragons actually live on Therafim at any one time, most of them living on one of the twin moons of Therafim, Aur and Lune (gold and silver colored in the sky, respectively). Because of this, there are actually a massive number of dragons that live around Therafim, many more than are found on most worlds, but the number living on the surface of the planet stays rather constant, most dragons living offworld until they notice that room is made for them below. The majority of dragons that live on Therafim's surface are Adult-age or younger. Since dragons do not die unless they are killed or voluntarily choose to do so (as some do), there are dragons still extant that were hatched not long after the creation of Therafim itself.

Most dragons are of the alignment listed in the various Monster Manuals. However, instead of this alignment being required, or "Always," it has been changed to "Usually." Thus, it is possible to find Lawful Good red dragons and Chaotic Evil gold dragons, though this still tends to be somewhat rare. Alignment for dragons on Therafim is more a matter of culture, much like religious camps on Earth, except that Bahamut and Tiamat are more active in their recruiting and retention methods than even the most zealous Earth proselytizer.

On the subject of dragon types and subtypes, all dragons can interbreed with each other. This does not produce color combinations, however, but only a mix of the colors of the parents (or sometimes of the ancestors of the parents) in the resulting clutch of eggs. Thus, all dragons feel a connection to other subtypes, and they really are a single species. The mothers of these clutches instinctively know what sort of environment is needed by which egg, and will seek for it if at all possible. If it is not possible, then an egg will die, and so it is uncommon for dragons of unusual subtypes to be born to those in areas that are not conducive to their birth (white dragons seldom survive being laid by red dragons, for instance). This is a matter of convenience and circumstance, rather than requirement. Caring mother dragons will often give their eggs that could not normally survive to mortals that they trust, for transportation to another dragon's clutch.

Dragons have an intense fascination with the other, lesser races, and this is why they do not simply dominate the planet and kill or enthrall all interlopers. Every race that lives on Therafim has a divine spark as well, though it is much smaller than that found in dragons, and varies depending on the individual. This fascination has led dragons to become sexually and even romantically involved with shorter-lived races and species on many occasions, spreading their lineage rather liberally across the world. Because of this, those with draconic ancestors are not at all uncommon (less common that those with fey blood, of course, but still common), and one most obvious sign of this heritage is the presence of startling hair and eye colors that are not native to a given race or type. To put it simply, "anime hair" is possible, both in color and style, because of the touch of dragons, fey, and other bloods in the lines of Therafim's races.

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