DM Guidelines


  • When running a quest, log into the bot as CharnameDM where charname is the name of the character you want your bonus DM exp awarded to.
  • Exp Calculator - for those that need it.

*DM's are not allowed to participate as playable characters in their own quests*

  • All rolls must be made in the therafim_quest_ooc channel.
  • For a straightforward quest that has impact on the setting you require the approval of any admin
  • Storylines can be run, however, you need to speak to Nicole_Valentine.
  • First time Quest Runners need to approve quests through Nicole_Valentine until notice otherwise is given.
  • While running a quest you are required to have at least 3 players, and you can't refuse anyone with a character of the appropriate level until you have six willing participants.
  • Each DM will be responsible for ensuring timeliness of their quests, to assist we are implementing a 5 minute rule, unless you are conferring with the DM, each player has 5 minutes from the previous post to roll or state actions/post before they forfeit their turn.


  • Experience, awarded as per guidelines found in the DMG with no changes, players will not update their sheets until this experience is added via their characters discussion page by Nikki (This takes place minimum of Wednesdays and Sundays)
  • Quest rewards in Therafim are allocated as per the rules found in the DMG, however all awards are 1.5x the normal amount in this setting. Thus an encounter yielding 1,000gp reward in another setting would reward 1,500gp here.


  • Lack of active participation during quests will result in reduced or full deduction of rewards.
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