Divine Spell Power

Divine Spell Power

Type: Divine
Source: Complete Divine

You can channel positive or negative energy to enhance your divine spellcasting ability.

Prerequisite: Ability to turn or rebuke undead, able to cast 1st-level divine spells.
Benefit: You can spend a turn or rebuke attempt as a free action and roll a turning check (with a special +3 bonus, plus any other modifiers you'd normally apply to your turning check). Treat the result of the turning check as a modifier to your caster level on the next divine spell you cast in that round.

For example, if a cleric used this feat and rolled a 16 on his turning check, he would add a +2 bonus to his caster level for the next divine spell he casts in the round. Had he rolled an 8, he would instead apply a +1 penalty to his caster level for the next divine spell he cast in the round.
If you don't cast a divine spell before your next turn, you lose the effect of the check result. This feat has no effect on your arcane spellcasting ability.

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