Devil from the Machine

DM Name: Gideon Kalve Jarvis

Essver Kayhs, level 1 avian cleric
Nox, level 1 ragemonger knight
Kaellack, level 4 human rogue/swordsage
Kiran, level 1 human duskblade
Mirima, level 1 avarial bard
Belle Hibiki, level 4 human monk/ardent

1 legion devil - CR 3
2 legion devils - CR 5
1 electrified gate trap - CR 2

Essver, Nox, Kiran, Mirima: 550 xp for each
Kaellack, Belle: 500 xp for each

775 gp for each

Quest Summary:
The party was contacted by Fast Eddie on behalf of the city watch (now acting as the city defense force) to stop a group of devils holed up in a gutted-out church, trying to repair a massive infernal war machine. Their job: kill everything in the church that isn't from the Prime Material Plane. They worked their way through various traps and pitfalls, to finally face against the infernal engineers themselves, sending them screaming back to the Nine Hells before they could finish repairing the deadly, ruined contraption of evil. The pieces, though, sold for quite a pretty penny, as Fast Eddie let the party keep what was left of it.

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