Aasterinian balance celerity chaos dragon trade travel
Apophis evil gluttony law scalykind slime
Bahamut community dragon good law nobility protection
Bast animal chaos charm good luck sloth
Chronepsis balance destiny dragon fate oracle
Corellon Larethian chaos elf glory good planning retribution
Dalla Thaun balance chaos feast greed halfling trickery
Falazure balance death deathbound dragon evil undeath
Fenris animal balance hunger moon winter
Garl Glittergold balance gnome good illusion wealth
Garyx chaos destruction dragon evil madness storm
Gruumsh chaos evil hatred orc passion wrath
Hlal chaos dragon good liberation purification rune
Io balance creation dragon magic spell
Lendys balance dragon inquisition law pact
Lolth darkness drow evil law lust spider
Matra balance mysticism plant renewal weather
Moradin cavern craft dwarf good law metal
Ra good law sky sun windstorm
Tamara balance dragon family good healing life
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The Place of the Gods in Therafim

Ruling Gods of Therafim

These are the gods who govern the fundamental aspects of Therafim's workings. Matra is the incarnation of nature itself and all things living, as well as the defender and nurturer of all that lives on Therafim. Umnos is Matra's male counterpart, the defender of portals and boundaries, including the greatest boundaries of all: between time and space, and life and death. The Morrigan is the embodiment of the motivating force that drives all things on Therafim, the very force of conflict itself, and the will to survive and grow strong from that conflict. In the grand scheme of existence on Therafim, Matra provides life, Umnos provides definition, and the Morrigan provides the force for change and growth.

Deity Name Domains
Matra Balance, Plant, Weather, Mysticism, Renewal
The Morrigan Chaos, Balance, Courage, War, Domination
Umnos Law, Balance, Portal, Time, Summoner

Dragon Gods

The gods of the dragons are also the gods of most creatures on Therafim, making them the deities of first choice for most worshipers of the gods of Therafim, especially by humans. Io, Bahamut, and Tiamat are also the creator deities of Therafim, having that special place in the pantheon of Therafim's deities reserved only for deities that took part in forming a world and all that lives on it. The continuing struggle between Bahamut and Tiamat also mirrors the continuing struggle of good and evil still taking place on Therafim.

Deity Name Domains
Aasterinian Chaos, Balance, Dragon, Celerity, Travel, Trade
Bahamut Law, Good, Dragon, Nobility, Protection, Community
Chronepsis Balance, Dragon, Fate, Destiny, Oracle
Falazure Balance, Evil, Dragon, Death, Undeath, Deathbound
Garyx Chaos, Evil, Dragon, Destruction, Storm, Madness
Hlal Chaos, Good, Dragon, Liberation, Rune, Purification
Io Balance, Dragon, Creation, Magic, Spell
Lendys Law, Balance, Dragon, Inquisition, Pact
Tamara Balance, Good, Dragon, Life, Healing, Family
Tiamat Law, Evil, Dragon, Pride, Envy, Tyranny

Mortalborn and Titanborn Gods

These are gods who were chosen from the most worthy of the primordial titans, or else from similarly worthy mortals, and elevated to deific status by the powers that be. While the dragon gods have more power and connections in eternal spheres than these deities, the mortalborn and titanborn gods have a deeper and more personal attachment to their worshipers, especially the racial deities. While draconic deities are less likely to actively intercede in the normal affairs of mortals, these deities are very likely to do so indeed, and have been known at times to develop quite close and even personal attachments to especially faithful worshipers.

Deity Name Domains
Bast Chaos, Good, Animal, Charm, Luck, Sloth
Corellon Larethian Chaos, Good, Elf, Glory, Planning, Retribution
Dalla Thaun Chaos, Balance, Halfling, Greed, Trickery, Feast
Fenris Balance, Animal, Hunger, Winter, Moon
Garl Glittergold Balance, Good, Gnome, Illusion, Wealth
Gruumsh Chaos, Evil, Orc, Passion, Wrath, Hatred
Lolth Law, Evil, Drow, Darkness, Lust, Spider
Moradin Law, Good, Dwarf, Craft, Metal, Cavern
Ra Law, Good, Sky, Sun, Windstorm
Taurus Law, Balance, Competition, Strength, Force
Thoth Balance, Good, Knowledge, Mind, Mentalism

Forbidden Gods (Require approval for worship)

These are the gods of madness, despair, destruction, and doom. They are utterly irredeemable beings of immense power whose very purpose is to bring about the downfall of all creation, though their exact methods and motivations vary. While it can be quite tempting to worship them for the quick power and instant gratification that they offer, only those completely blinded by these temptations, the most destructively mad, or the unregenerately nihilistic become their most devout servants in their wicked acts.

Deity Name Domains
Apophis Law, Evil, Scalykind, Slime, Gluttony
Tharizdun Balance, Evil, Air, Earth, Fire, Water
The Dark One Chaos, Evil, Decay, Shadow, Pestilence
The Nightmare King Balance, Evil, Dream, Ocean, Suffering

Descriptions of all domains used in this listing can be found at this cleric domain listing

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