Deadside Blues

DM Name: Lisa J.

Ariel-Seolla, Level 7
Darrion, Level 7
Shalya Eveningstar, Level 6
Riel Mayer, Level 8
Cordy, Level 6
Julietta, Level 8

Name, Level

Dimensional Rifts X3, (two were fast forwarded for time) CR 6 each
Forsaken Skin X2, CR 6
Forsaken Skin X2 CR 7
Hellfire Puzzle X1 CR 5
Grave Dirt Golem X1 (Final Boss) CR 9

Cordy, Shalya: 2,800 XP
Ariel, Darrion: 2,217 XP (Rounded up)
Riel, Juli: 1,800 XP

3,350 GP per player.

Quest Summary:
Building from the current story arc, the adventurers are given means to access Deadside, a purgatory place where the restless dead wander and reality is not what it seems. Tasked with sealing five rifts in key places in Avalon, the party, through mind-bending puzzle, combat and guidance of an aging shaman, manage to thwart another of the The Dark One's machinations…for now.

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