Crank Marten
Crank Marten
Aliases: Marty
Age: 10
Hair: None
Eyes: Orange/Yellow/Red (depending on mood)
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 250
Race: Warforged
Class: Monk8/Cleric1/Sacred Fist1
Level: 10
Experience: 45,000
Hit Points: 78/78
Alignment: LN
Deity: Umnos
Gold: 9,931gp
Current Status: Active
Played by Sorrowdusk

Crank is a tall, well built warforged; his steel skeleton is layered thick with sinewy russet leather cords. Polished iron plating with brass covers most of his body, save for his neck, abdomen, and joints of his limbs. His face is a stoic mask with a strong arching brow, and large almond shaped sockets, in which are set small hard gems that serve as his eyes. They glow with a soft orange light, brightening or dimming with the rise or fall in his energy, and changing color with his mood- becoming more yellow when disheartened, and more red when feeling threatened. A crest of rivets starts at his brow and runs over the top of his head all the way to the back of his skull. Just beneath the first rivet is a rune, his ghurla, a unique mark which all warforged have.

Crank is efficient, practical, prepared, and disciplined; never one to panic nor anger easily. He has never been seen to raise his voice by those who would call him comrade, except to call anothers attention in the street or on the battlefield. Should tensions rise, he tries to act as a voice of reason, as much in the interest of others as his own companions. He is quiet, reserved, and gravely serious following a philosphy of 'forethought in all things', and a belief that if one is always serious, one will always be taken seriously.

He invests neither his time nor emotions in that which he believes cannot change. In his mind when tragedy or disaster strikes, one must move on rather than dwelling on it, and try focus on how to prevent it from happening again. If an event or consequence of an event is truly unavoidable, one must simply gracefully endure whatever hardship it brings.

Perhaps a flaw in his behavior, is the fact that he can be indecisive when put on the spot to make sudden judgements. He prefers to take the time to weigh all options, taking into consideration all reprecussions, and consequences. His decisions are well thought out, but making them can take considerable time. Though his speech is terse and to the point, he is never rude. Despite this, the former combined with his appearance and deep, raspy artificial voice can make him seem mean, unfriendly, or even scary to those that dont know him well.


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