The Silent, The Watching Eye

Symbol: An unblinking draconic eye
Home Plane: Outlands
Alignment: Neutral
Portfolio: Fate, death, judgment
Worshipers: Those who would observe, historians, psions, undead hunters
Cleric Alignments: N
Domains: Balance, Dragon, Fate, Destiny, Oracle
Favored Weapon: Scythe

Chronepsis is neutral: silent, unconcerned, and dispassionate. He is the draconic god of fate, death, and judgment. His form is colorless and without luster, marking him as an outsider in the struggles between the chromatic and metallic dragons and all mortal-kind.

Chronepsis is a passionless observer of the world. He passes judgment on all creatures of Therafim when they die, deciding where their souls go in the afterlife. Unlike Lendys, Chronepsis is uninterested in justice — he merely observes what is and is not. He is also singularly uninvolved in the activities of the living, and strives to remain so. It is said that only a cataclysm of worldshaking proportions could move Chronepsis from his disinterest. A rare exception to this is Chronepsis' interest in the undead, which are considered escapees from their rightful judgment, and hence the sworn enemies of Chronepsis' clergy.

Chronepsis has very few active worshipers and even fewer clerics, since most people don’t possess the balanced outlook necessary for them to avoid interfering in the events they observe. Those who follow Chronepsis must obtain a great inner focus, achieving the inner void that can only come from dispassionate observation and self-reflection. Because of this, many with psionic abilities are also attracted to the worship of Chronepsis, seeking an ideal of action-without-action. Those who hunt the undead are also known to pay Chronepsis some attention. The followers of Chronepsis count other faiths neither as friends nor enemies.

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