Charred For Life

DM Name: Sorrowdusk

Ibis Healer 1
Kaellack Rogue1/Swordage 2
Kiefer Barbarian 1
Orion Rogue 3
Rhine Barbarian 1
Ventalio Psion 1

6x (Cr2) Black Bones (CR7)
1x Skull Dugger (CR4)
Total CR 8

Ibis 900xp
Kaellack 900xp
Kiefer 900xp
Orion 900xp
Rhine 900xp
Ventalio 900xp

1688 gp Each
1 Medal of Sevice Each
1 Horned Skull w/ Fangs ; 6 Black Skulls

Quest Summary:

The party was enjoying an overcast alte afternoon in the markets when one of them spotted a rising plume of smoke that mushroomed into a large black cloud. A nighted canvas for the mind, the imagination seemed to paint all manner of nightmare upon it. Running to the scene the party found a burning church on a street corner, and found the smoke to be strangely sweet as incense, as if perhaps the cedar panneling within was burning. A group of six common men carrying whatever vessels of water they could ran up the steps, only to be blown back as they opened the door and were sent rolling down the steps like burning logs. One member of the party was able to hear the faint cries of people trapped within, while another, a psion sensed an eerie prescence unseen. Leaping into action Rhine charged through the open door bashing his way through flaming debris undaunted, while Ventalio tried to extinguish the flames. The other half of the party went around to the side of the building and tried to break in a window. Just then, there was a sound like the crunch of leaves underfoot as the flesh of the six fallen men crumbled off of their blackened bones, which stood up as smoking skeletons.

Two of them ran into the burning church to launch a surprise attack on rine, clawing with flaming phalanges. The party found a curious consequence for destroying the first skeleton, which exploded with dark energy-or perhaps more accurately imploded creating a vacuumn completely absent of all life, all light, all love that consumed their souls one sip at a time. Fighting on the party eventually drew the fight back outside; Ventalio and Ibis collapsed, and Orion Deathbringer was on the verge of death forcing Kaellack to take on the duty of keeping the party alive. Rhine was almost unconscious and almost dead, as he's dropped his sword to take on a black boned skeleton with his bare hands in a failed attempt to push it away from the unconscious Ibis-knowing full well if he destroyed it Ibis might not survive the comming Void. Kiefer delivered the 'killing' blow to the last of the unliving, but as the party tried to recover their encounter with the dark was not over. Thoughts of utter dark echoed through their heads as new thoughts blossomed, and other ones of hope and faith withered away. An enemy unseen that had until that moment stayed its had revealed itself. "When there's a little girl all alone in a foetid well, when a man stares out through a barred window at a forlone rope hanging from a gibbet made just for him, when a politician who stands to lose all sees the backside of a superior just asking for an alibi and a knife… and when the gods are silent…thats when the demons come out. I am the only salvation for these people. You can interfere, but know if you do I can offer only a battle you have almost no chance of winning."

Certain that the only real salvation would be the work of their own hands the wounded party taunted the unseen telapath and charged in. Through the fire and flames the party found a priestess huddled with several children in a makeshift classroom in the back, trapped in a corner by flames. A wounded priest lay opposite them on the floor. As the party rescued the women and children and tried to usher them out of the building, a skeletal form silently materialized on the other side of the threshold,covered in a thin layer of tight black leathery skin, with long fangs and horns and burning eyes. It loosed a cone of flame upon them, Rhine and Kaellack barely able to protect themselves as they tried to protect the children. As the creature engaged them its attention occupied, Kiefer was able to come behind the arrogant deadite and stabbed right in the back, and through whatever insides it had. For all its lack of organs it was damaged enough to end its unlife, and the creature suddenly went soft and melting on the end of Kiefer's sword save its skull which clattered to the floor, its empty eye sockets going dark.



<Rhine> ty vm for running a quest for us poor noobish louts!
<Kaellack> indeed. (I usually saw thanks at the end, but up front is nice too)
* Rhine hushses kaellack and wispers that he's sugaring up the DM
<Kiefer> Tam is real good at running alot of low level ones
<Kaellack> bah. that never works ;)
<Rhine> <3
<Rhine> yeah it does
<Kaellack> (to Rhine ;) )
<Rhine> happy dm's = leet quests that are mad fun
<Kaellack> not when I run them it doesn't ;)
<Kiefer> if you sugar anyone up better to vault, me I just kick and slap the bot for all the bad rolls I get
* Rhine kisses vault lower

Far From Blind
(After rolling a 23 on a Spot Check**

<Ibis> of course, always trust the eyesight of the man with glasses
[22:07] <Rhine> damn right
<Rhine> especially when he pushes them up whenever he says something important like Uuryu Ishida
<Ibis> …huh I never realized that
<Rhine> lol
<DMTam> a number of characters do that
* Rhine watches bleach far too much
<Ibis> well
<Ibis> see
<Ibis> -I- do that IRL
<Ibis> so…
<Rhine> its actually a plot device for most anime to have a char like that
<DMTam> just be afraid when you cant see his eyes, only the bright sheen across them. D:

Join The Dark Side….we have donuts
(Careful dude…way things have been going, that baker could be a Succubus…)

* Kaellack nods to the rolls seller. "You sir, are a miracle maker of the confectionary delights! I'm quite certain you're the main reason I return to this market daily." He pauses. "Ok, sometimes more than daily. But still, today I'm only going to take one. Indeed! I'm putting my foot down…I'll not be tempted by your wares, despite the heavenly aroma and succulent taste…" He licks his lips. "Ok, {next}
<Kaellack> {cont} maybe two! But this is the last time, I assure you!" He pauses. "Do you smell something burning?"

(Is that like…sashaying?)

  • OrionDeathBringer was out ladeeda-ing in the markets he figured to buy Alina something,hmmmn sexy to wear,til his train of thought was broken as he heard a ruckus,smelled smoke and took course toward the source of the fire.

<Tam> !roll 1d6
<Rhine> so im gonna hope tam only rolls a 1
<Vault> Tam rolls [ 1D6:14 4 ]
<Rhine> so much for that
<Rhine> -3/16

I wanna cast a spell, I wanna cast MAGIC Missile…*
(There was nothing to attack…unless he meant to move like 60ft away)

<DMDialupTam> no
<DMDialupTam> you destroyed it actually
<Kiefer> I thought all were dead at us so what is Orion attacking
<OrionDeathBringer> the darkness

Dammit Jim…I'M NOT A DOCTOR!!

(After Healing people for most of the quest)

Kaellack swears, sprinting for the cleric. "How in the 9 hells am I healing people and not killing things!?!?
I am NOT a cleric damn it!" Once more, he dives into a roll, moving past a skeleton. He spins to face the skeleton. "I am getting tired of this. And weren't there people in here somewhere?!? Come on bony…come get me."

Who needs muscles?

(bullrushing a skelleton)

<Rhine> 1d20+5 (opposed str check for bull rush) im charging to make the distance 13 ac vs his aoo
<Vault> Rhine rolls 1D20+5: 12 +5 = 17
<DMDialupTam> !roll 1d20+3 STR
<Vault> DMDialupTam rolls STR [ 1D20+3:14 19 +3 = 22 ]
<Rhine> hits
<Kiefer> that was opposing str roll, you fail Rhine
<Rhine> oh thats the str not the aoo
<Rhine> thought that was his aoo =p
<Rhine> -.-

Rhine drops his sword as he charges the skeleton at a slight angle his shoulders set to push the skeleton away from ibis and kael with his impact.

<DMDialupTam> The barbarian charges the skeleton hoping to knock it back, but for all the muscle it lacks it pushes back with unholy strenght!!!


OrionDeathBringer calls out "Medic!"

<Kaellack> heh
<Kaellack> the medic is down!
<OrionDeathBringer> lol
<Ibis> XD

For A Moment There…Yeah, We Kinda Did

<Telepathy> "Did you really think it'd be that easy?"

I know What You Bad Guys Do In The Dark

(In reference to watching a burning church)

<OrionDeathBringer> "He's prolly jerking off to this as well! cough"
OrionDeathBringer flips off the unseen force "spin on this,you son of a bitch."
<OrionDeathBringer> "Now you know it's not polite to burn down churches.." then he charges towards the creature and attacks.

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