Chain Demon

REP has been awarded for this quest.

DM Name: error42

Amethyst Lvl 6
Gajendra Lvl 4
Kaze Lvl 5
Luna Lvl 6
Olivia Lvl 4
Yuria Lvl 5

Dretch x12 CR 3
Chain Demon CR 9

Amethyst 2,100
Gajendra 2,660
Kaze 2,500
Luna 2,100
Olivia 2,660
Yuria 2,500


Quest Summary:
The group gathered at what was left of the Temple where Tonia and Gabe were "married" the forces left over brought forth demon spawn in the form of creatures in thrall to a chain demon. Once enough blood was spilled by its thralls attacking the people of Avalon and the blood of the thralls killed by those present the demon crossed over and uses its many chains to attack the heroes. Using their skills they were able to bring it down but not before many of them were gravely injured… but they repaid it in kind. Luna used her sword to attack the creature in its "Backside", the savage attacking taking even Kaze so much by surprise that he could not even bring himself to focus on attacking the demon. But scariest of all was the reaction of Yuria who used one of the creatures own chains to give the demon an colonoscopy.

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