Carcass Cove

DM: Pale

Kara`nydraess Nyatia 6
Kaze 5
Kira 3
Locklear 2
Villan 7

Sea Cat CR3
Amphibians x9 CR6
Carcass Crab CR8

Level 1-3 : 900+2,700+5,400 = 1,800 Kira/900 Locklear (Had to go halfway)
Level 5: 750+2,250+4,500 = 1,500 Kaze
Level 6: 600+1,800+3,600 = 1,200 Kara
Level 7: 525+1,400+3,150 = 1,015 Villan

2500 GP Each (1250 GP to Locklear)

The adventurers were hired to trek a few days out of Avalon, travelling by post-carriage or wagon along the coast to look for a ship wreck. Their mission, which they chose to accept, was to bring back any cargo but more importantly to return the human cargo (the crewmen of the ship) to their families in the big city.

The begin with progress was fairly slow, a keepsake was found on the beach and they had no idea how to progress… all the corpses were gone and no tracks, covered by the tide. Kara knew that a cave smugglers used was somewhere near, so they looked around and ran into some local wildlife on the way. Villan sprained his ankle trying to find where the cave was, sods law dictated it was at the opposite end from the one they searched first.

Inside the smugglers den there was various piratic paraphernalia and a handful of critters chanting in the distance. Their first challenge was to bypass the hidden lair of a Morkoth without being hypnotised by its magical powers. Kara and Kira weren't able to resist being drawn nearer, but Kaze and Villan were able to snicker-snacker it dead… although not before it called for reinforcements from ahead.

Adventurers met the reinforcements back in the main tunnel, four against six, the amphibians didn't stand a chance and were quickly disposed of. All but one that ran, Kaze quick on its tail. Upon catching it Kaze smashed it, and another amiphibian into a fine pulp leaving only one more for Kara to burninate with her dragonbreath.

It had barely begun, the room itself would be their challenge… the ceiling, a giant Carcass Crab descended upon them, shaking the room. That was where the sailors were… corpses, stuck to its grisly chitenous armour. The amphibians had been venerating it, sacrificing corpses to it… there was nothing left to save but keepsakes. The fight was tooth and nail, but the crab did eventually expire, though not before delivering a hardy slapping to most of the party and sinking its poison into the dragoness for her to enjoy for the rest of the day.

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