Assassin Spells

Go here, listed in DMG and Spell Compendium.

From PRC page for Assassin on our wiki:

Core Assassin Spell List: Spells exist elsewhere also, such as Spell Compendium

* 1st Level: disguise self, detect poison, feather fall, ghost sound, jump, obscuring mist, sleep, true strike.
* 2nd Level: alter self, cat’s grace, darkness, fox’s cunning, illusory script, invisibility, pass without trace, spider climb, undetectable alignment.
* 3rd Level: deep slumber, deeper darkness, false life, magic circle against good, misdirection, nondetection.
* 4th Level: clairaudience/clairvoyance, dimension door, freedom of movement, glibness, greater invisibility, locate creature, modify memory, poison.

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