April 8

Dear Diary,

Villan gave me a ring today, a pretty one with a black gem on it. He says it's able to protect me from harm, some kind of magical one. He also gave me a dagger and showed me how it works, even though I almost got him in the eye with it while we practiced. Villan has scars too, but not like mine…his has a pattern to them, and are almost pretty were they not so painful-looking. I like spending time with him and hearing the stories about his adventures with Miss Tonia, Quintus, Gabriel and himself. I wanna be a heroine like them someday.

Quintus…for some off reason, I really want to meet him. He's all I can think about as of late. Ever since Villan told me about him and his crazy sence of humor and such. Almost like an obsession. The more I think about him, the more my hands shake in anticipation.

I fell asleep at the dinner table tonight as well. It's the third time this has happened, but I can't help it. My nightmares persist, and I can't go to sleep as I want to. So I wear myself out so I'll fall asleep whether the crying and such goes on or not. As long as I'm exhausted, I don't hear them in my head. Villan says that there's medicine that will help me sleep, maybe Servia can help me there.

Oh! And I can't call her "mom" much longer, Lucius says I'll become her "little sister" when everything is said and done. I wonder what its going to be like to have the last name "Cassii"? Though Servia would be my big sister, she feels more like a mother to me than anything else, even if it would make more since the other way. Yet…with all the love everyone has show me, shown US…Myself and Sally (where ever she might be now)…I can't shake this feeling inside me of…anxiety. I feel like, despite all of it, that I can't shake the feeling something bad is going to happen. Like a hammer is about to be brought down onto my head. Don't ask me why, but it nags at me sometimes.

Speaking of nagging, my neck hurts now. The back of it burns and itches sometimes where…whatever it is…is at, I've put some medicine on it to stop the itch and it helps…I hope its not infected or something.

Today, maybe I'll sleep better. I spent the whole day working on the garden. It's beautiful now, with everything all in bloom.

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