All Hail King Torg!

DM: Pale

Amethyst 3
Crank 3
Gajendra 2
Kira 3
Locklear 2
Tyr 4

Kobold 2
Giant Fire Beetle 5
Pit Trap
Needle Trap
Arrow Trap x2
Shock Trap
Kobold x8 + 1 lv2 Sergeant
Ankheg x2
Boulder'o'Temple of Doom
2 Kobold + 4 lv2 Kobold + 1 King Torg lv3

Levels 1-3: 1,100 XP
Level 4: 1,050 XP

200gp Gems
800gp Alexandrite
2,000gp Platinum + Diamond Encrusted Amulet
7,000gp Ornate Kobold King's Regalia and various miscellanea
500gp Various mundane equipment

11,000gp / 6 = 1,833. Kira took Arrows so -175 for her (+35 ea for others), -200gp for Tyr. (+40 ea for others)

Gold per person: Including 200GP completion bonus!
General Reward 2143GP
Kira 2073GP
Tyr 2063GP

Kept Treasure:
350gp 50 Masterwork Arrows (Kira took them)
400gp(200sell value) Qualls feather token, tree (Owen/Tyr took it)
Kobold Meat (Locklear)

The adventurers were hired by a village to clear out a local Kobold problem. According to the learned sage Fergulbarq, Kobolds are the greatest
threat to humankind since the Black Plague. an innumerable horde of ravaging, fearsome beasts that are extremely tasty when flame-broiled and served with a secret sauce. Fergulbarq was of course an utter madman and an outrageous liar (except for the part about flame-broiling Kobolds - yum!)

They investigated inside the Kobold dungeon after having dispatched the visible guards, two slightly better concealed ones managed to ellude them and forewarn their fellows. On their trek through the dungeon they faced all manner of diminuitive peril, from pit falls to arrow traps to Kobolds themselves. A couple of Ankhegs made an appearance too, perhaps to avenge the deaths of some Giant Fire Beetles the party had slain so maliciously earlier.

Throughout the quest many traps were employed, the adventurers nearly perished on a few occassions, some of them anyway. Kira was almost taken to be eaten by an Ankheg, Gajendra's blood level went up and down like a yoyo and neither Owen or Crank got away lightly either.

Ultimately the adventurers were victorious after about eight hours questing, overcoming the many trials and tribulations of the dungeon to emerge rich, battered and bruised. Hooray!

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