Against the Syndicate

StoryLeads: Nicole Valentine and GideonKalveJarvis Experience has been awarded for this quest.

Dakheel: Crystal-master Psion Level 8
Eisen: Incantatrix Wizard Level 10
Fast Eddie: Rogue Wizard Level 6
Gabriel Aldrecen: Warblade Level 7
Quintus: Bard Level 6
Tammuz: Warlock Level 5
Tonia:Cleric Radiant-Servant Level 9

Background Participants:
Kaze:Monk Level 3
Iratus:Warblade Level 6
Virgil:Rogue Level 5

Locating the source of the problem
Finding the lair
Combat as follows:
2 Fighters CR 8
1 Wizard CR 10

Dakheel: 950
Eisen: 858
Fast Eddie: 2,058
Gabriel: 1,800
Quintus: 2,058
Tammuz: 1,300
Tonia: 1,093

Background Participants already awarded 200.


Dakheel: 1188
Eisen: 1,073
Fast Eddie: 2,573
Gabriel: 2,250
Quintus: 2,573
Tammuz: 1,625
Tonia: 1,367

Late one evening, a young lady closely resembling Servia in physical features was found slain in her old bedroom at the inn.

This set off an investigation headed up by Fast Eddie, he called upon Servia's friends to assist. Kaze, Eisen, Tammuz, Iratus, and Virgil all searched diligently for clues.

Unbeknownst to many Servia had left only the night before for unrelated reasons to live with her brother Lucius and his slave and bodyguard Luna.Servia had spent much of her time working with the people of the the Dead Zone, the most run down and impoverished part of the Slums. While her work is intended to assist the people in learning how to better their lives, it seems she assisted the wrong people in getting out of the wrong kind of lifestyle.

Dahkeel, haven been driven to Avalon City by dreams that plagued him of a beautiful red headed, blue eyed girl dying and the city rising in flames, was easily accepted into the folds of the investigation.

While the original investigators followed up on leads, Servia was bound to her beautiful home for her own protection.

While there she was visited by a recently returning Quintus who had been told she was indeed the victim in the inn. His relief at finding her alive was overshadowed by the threat that hung over her and he set out to make it safe for his friend once more. That evening she was visited by two more dear friends who had recently returned to Avalon City, Tonia and Gabriel the former having also been told that her Sister had perished in a brutal murder. Servia immediately begged them to go after Quintus to ensure his safety and it was here that an unlikely group came together in the Dead Zone to defeat the threat that held the kind hearted cleric captive in fear. The group consisting of Eddie, Eisen, Tammuz, Gabriel, Tonia, Quintus and Dakheel.

While Quintus and Tonia attempted to negotiate terms with the self proclaimed "Leader" of a crime organization known as "The Syndicate", Eddie, out for blood, slipped in through a window followed by Eisen. The two began engaged in combat with a half orc and a half elf. Drawn down the stairs by the scuffle, in which the others quickly joined, a human entered into the fray.

The group worked diligently and successfully as a team to bring an end to their reign of terror.

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