A Message Delivered

Quest Write-up Format:
DM Name: Tbg

Alisaadi, 2, Ardent
Silya, Level 2, Knight
Rhine, Level 3 Barbarian
Cordy lvl 6 cleric
Kaotaka, Level 1 Swordsage
Kayrel, lvl 1, Cleric

10 CR2 Thieves
1 CR4 Thief

Alisaadi, 2, Ardent - 700
Silya, Level 2, Knight - 700
Rhine, Level 3 Barbarian - 700
Cordy lvl 6 cleric - 450
Kaotaka, Level 1 Swordsage - 700
Kayrel, lvl 1, Cleric - 700


Quest Summary:
Far from where anyone would hear, the adventurers were lured down an alley into a potential ambush situation. They were given a message to relay to the others of their ilk. That a change was coming to the cities’ ruling body and that they needed to stay out of it. Despite some veiled and some not-so veiled threats and insults, the adventurers walked away without starting a fight.

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