Welcome to Therafim...

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A roleplaying game based on a home brewed D20 system. Please keep in mind that any resemblance to anyone in real life is merely a coincidence. If you think you are a real Orc, Dragon, Elf, or anything beyond a human playing a character, this is not the channel for you.

Welcome Adventurers!
Step inside a world full of elves, orcs, humans, ratkins, foxkins to name a few, all different roles imaginable. Knights of old, Healers with powers given by the Gods, Druids of the wild and walking talking furry creatures.

Walk beside me friend as we step into the underdark and face the evil within, inside the diamond mine hidden beneath the cavernous home of the dwarfs, the rolling hills and mountains where the Druids walk and tend the land, the temples where Gods bestow their powers upon their chosen.

Draw your weapons! Be them a sword or magic and let us rid our world of the corruption and chaos that has threatened to overtake it. The drow, the orcs, goblins, kobolds to begin the list. One by one we will remove the scourge from our sight and drive the demons back once more so that our land and families may flourish in peace.

Take the step.. if you dare.

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